Rüdiger Jürke with certificate
Duropal XTreme plus by Pfleiderer gets award

With PrimeBoard in XTreme Matt and XTreme High Gloss, Pfleiderer is setting new standards in the field of surface technology. Thanks to its outstanding material properties, PrimeBoard is particularly easy to care for and can withstand high stress in the long term. The lacquer surface is color stable and can be used and combined in a versatile and flexible way thanks to an optimal color match. PrimeBoard also features the anti-fingerprint effect, which protects matt surfaces from unwanted stains. More than 180 decors offer a wide range of options for individual use.

The technology behind PrimeBoard is unique in Europe and combines two manufacturing systems: the HotCoating process applies a PUR functional layer to the core material and creates an elastic substructure. The coating surface is applied using a calender and can be applied on one or both sides. PrimeBoard is also easy to handle and process.

The German Innovation Award recognises this innovation and honours cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of user centricity and added value. After all, innovations that shape the future and improve life exist in all sectors. The German Innovation Award makes great achievements visible to a broad public.