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Pfleiderer in conversation with the Disselkamp family

Dr. Christine Disselkamp, your company advertises on its website with "Discover sleep comfort”. What makes a bedroom from you special?

Dr. Christine DisselkampSleep is one of the most important foundations for our well-being - and the bedroom should be a place that supports healthy sleep. We have made it our mission to use our furniture to create bedrooms in which our customers can find peace. Highly aesthetic rooms, with well thought-out functionality, smart storage solutions and a feel-good factor that also invites you to linger during the day.

Pfleiderer: What role does the material play in this?, Mr. Disselkamp?

Claus Disselkamp: A big one! We fully rely on sustainable, healthy materials that literally ensure a pleasant climate - in the bedroom and beyond. Wood is our first choice as a renewable natural raw material, because it is produced under natural conditions and binds climate-active carbon dioxide. Through the high quality of our beds, wardrobes and small pieces of furniture, we contribute to binding this carbon dioxide for as long as possible. We follow the philosophy of using all resources responsibly. Therefore, we also rely on lacquers and surfaces that leave the smallest possible ecological footprint and are completely harmless to health. Our production is supplied with energy by photovoltaics, among other things. And wood residues that can no longer be used as material are also thermally recycled. As a family business in its sixth generation, sustainability and cross-generational thinking are a matter of course for us!

Pfleiderer: What makes good furniture for you?

Dr. Christine DisselkampA balance of appearance, function and materiality. We pay a lot of attention to timeless and valuable design during development. Natural wood surfaces with clear grain, alternating with stylish, two-dimensional solid colors, which are also found in other accents and textile surfaces, for example on the headboards of our beds. We attach great importance to concise lines in order to make the functional structure of the furniture comprehensible. With many details such as bed legs, headboards or fittings - and also with the color scheme - we give our customers the choice.


Pfleiderer: You also process ClassicBoard and DecoBoard from Pfleiderer. What are the advantages from your point of view?

Claus Disselkamp: The idea that high-quality furniture has to be made of solid wood has long since gone out of date. This applies both to the ecological dimension and to the price-performance ratio. For natural wood surfaces, we rely on high-quality veneer from certified forests, which is applied to wood-based panels. In this way, we use the advantages of real wood very efficiently, because the thin cut creates an extraordinarily large surface from a comparatively small volume of fresh wood. 

We choose ClassicBoard as the core board, which is produced at Pfleiderer according to the principles of cascade utilization and closed-loop recycling. This means that no trees are felled for the wood-based panel. I like to make this clear to our customers by talking about wood recyclables. In addition, Pfleiderer is a local supplier for us. We are supplied over short distances, so that the good ecological balance of the products is not diminished by any transport routes. We use DecoBoard for plain fronts, carcass elements and floors. This is the optimum solution from our point of view: The board has a high-quality coating on both sides and is delivered to us ready for painting.

Roman Disselkamp: It has been awarded the Blue Angel as being particularly low in emissions. And when it comes to sustainability, it sets real standards: As a Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified board, it meets strict criteria for material health, recyclability and the use of renewable energy. For us, this is the ideal basis, which we additionally finish with selected environmentally friendly lacquers for the individual color schemes of our products on site. In this way, we succeed in perfectly harmonizing quality, design and sustainability - and thus offer our customers an overall performance that inspires 100%!

Pfleiderer: Thank you for the interview!


Dr. Christine Disselkamp, Managing Director (2 from left)

Claus Disselkamp, Managing Director (4 from left)

Roman Disselkamp (1 from left)

together with Beate Müller, Pfleiderer (3 from left)

Motto: "Sustainability is not a trend, it is our future!"

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