More in - for fewer transports

Several times a day, high-quality wood chips roll along the A73 and the B8 to undergo another life cycle as a secondary raw material in chipboard. This simple route of 40 kilometres between Nuremberg and Neumarkt has recently been travelled less frequently, and moreover more quietly and with fewer pollutant emissions. The reason for this is not to be found in a lower material requirement, but in a new logistics concept of the partners involved. "The increasing transport volume of the last few years made DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL, MDU and us get together as early as the beginning of 2020 to plan the future," explains Carsten Möser-Benz, Head of Wood Purchasing at Pfleiderer, "the result of the partnership's deliberations is 14.9 metres long, has about 10 per cent more loading volume and a tractor unit with a state-of-the-art gas drive. On the road and for the environment, this means on the one hand fewer daily journeys, and on the other hand an additional significant reduction in noise, odour and dust emissions with every journey."

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Project monitoring should provide insights

The new XL-Liner is used to transport recycled wood. Waste wood, which mainly accumulates regionally in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, is processed into secondary raw material at the Nuremberg processing centre DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL in accordance with the waste wood ordinance and is processed into chipboard at Pfleiderer in Neumarkt. A larger loading volume to reduce transports as well as an alternative drive for the tractor were quickly set as basic conditions in order to be able to use the most extensive economic and ecological advantages possible. "The LNG (liquefied natural gas) drive turned out to be the most sensible alternative at the moment when we weighed up the current state of the art. It came out best in the comparison with the alternatives. Since we work with a large transport weight and load volume, performance characteristics such as tractive force, torque, range and consumption had to be taken into account when making the decision," explains Möser-Benz, "The trailer is a special design, especially for transporting wood chips. Here, attention was paid to the largest possible loading volume and optimisation of consumption and performance. A steerable axle ensures less tyre wear and fuel consumption, a special system for smooth unloading supports comfort and more loading volume. In the coming months, we will collect and evaluate performance, consumption and emission data together and compare them with the inventory data of our classic transports. This will provide us with far-reaching information for our further, future orientation in the transport sector - at MDU, DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL and Pfleiderer.

Die Kooperationspartner

The Pfleiderer Group - High-quality engineered wood for 125 years
The Pfleiderer Group is a leading manufacturer of engineered wood in Europe with annual sales of approximately 700 million euros and around 2,000 employees. The company has its headquarters in Neumarkt i.d.OPf. (Germany). Pfleiderer has five production sites in Germany and one in Poland as well as sales offices in England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and France. The Pfleiderer Group offers a complete range of products and services with a focus on furniture construction, timber trade, interior design and structural timber engineering. Pfleiderer bundles the Duropal and Thermopal product ranges under the Pfleiderer umbrella brand and is a partner to industry, trade, craftsmen, planners and architects. 


MDU offers transport and logistics solutions for the transportation of waste, pre-recycled and recycled products and special transports via water, rail and road. More than 120 employees work at MDU at Nuremberg harbour. MDU operates a fleet of about 100 motor vehicles and 120 third-party vehicles. In addition to transport, MDU, as a logistics service provider for industry, construction and energy, offers various truck-related services from cleaning to maintenance.

DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL Entsorgung und Logistik GmbH is part of the medium-sized group of companies called DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL, including the companies Durmin Entsorgung & Logistik GmbH, Hoffmann Entsorgung und Dienstleistung GmbH and the RESSOURCEN WERK Nürnberg GmbH & Co. KG. A merger to provide full service to customers from industry, construction, energy and municipalities on the topics of recycling, waste, disposal and processing. The group has been expanding steadily for 27 years and currently employs almost 400 people. With over 13 hectares of commercial space, DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL is one of the largest waste management facilities in southern Germany.


More about sustainability at Pfleiderer

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More than Recycling: Cradle to Cradle!

Being kind to nature is one of Pfleiderer's top priorities. The company has taken a high recycling quota and the consistent use of recycled waste wood for granted for years – just like sustainable forest management and a general economical approach to the use of all resources. Selected products have now been certified according to the Cradle to Cradle principle, which is a new level of sustainability we are extremely proud of!

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Reuse, Recycle, Reduce – Rethink!

The Inspiration Days of Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH, the annual industry get-together at the Lenkwerk in Bielefeld, presented the trends of the coming year to the professional audience of the furniture industry. At the accompanying customer event, visitors exchanged ideas on sustainability topics and Pfleiderer presented a donation to the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation for the planting of 10,000 trees.