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The COLORNETWORK® is a young and growing network of well-known manufacturers, including Pfleiderer, who each year offer a new colour association across many different furnishing products, while committing to product transparency.

Design with care

The selection of the annual "Sustained Color" by an independent and high-calibre expert panel of interior designers, product designers and trend experts ensures that the colour is timeless and can be recombined again and again, leaving the interior designer and interior decorator plenty of scope for his or her design vision: Today and in the future. The colours remain attractive and thus create sustainable values in interior design.

In addition, the Colornetwork makes products transparent throughout the entire production cycle. The builder or architect can see where and how the product was produced, what is in it, whether it is recyclable, how long the transport route was, and much more. In this way, this network promotes ecological products, sustainable use of resources and short delivery routes, among other things.

Create diversity

Anyone who thinks that this network creates uniformity is seriously mistaken: COLORNETWORK® makes colours possible that would otherwise not be available on the market, precisely because of the power of the network in the industry. We therefore create diversity, promote medium-sized businesses and small start-ups and at the same time offer responsible industry potential for differentiation.

This is how Pfleiderer wood materials are made to match lighting, textiles and many other interior products that not only add uniqueness to your planning, but also save you time and money in the execution phase and offer lasting value to the building owner. Plan with the colours of the COLORNETWORK and let's make the interior more sustainable together!

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