“High standards are set for the surfaces of furniture and interior finishes. This is particularly true in the kitchen: Falling objects, boiling over soups and dirt are constant challenges”, said Christian Stiefermann, Head of HPL and Elements Product Management. “In particular, the extremely popular matt versions have until now had their difficulties with fingermarks and dirt. With our elegant but nonetheless robust XTreme surface, we now offer an alternative. It is resistant to these effects, which offers previously unachieved added value in everyday use. Fingermarks don’t stick and even stubborn grease marks can be removed easily.”

A further improvement offered by the XTreme plus version is its high degree of abrasion and scratch resistance, even for highly exposed, horizontal applications. With heavy-duty use. A particularly matt, low-reflection texture lends the surface a warm, velvety soft, silky feel. “In addition to the functional properties, we also achieve a very special look with improved colour transparency and depth”, said Christian.

Pfleiderer also offers highly developed lacquered surfaces, which are used for example for the PrimeBoard wood-based panel. These surfaces are produced using a hot-coating method until now unique in Europe. It produces a high-quality multi-coat lacquer finish, which provides a PUR functional layer for the core board. The permanently elastic substrate compensates for thermal and mechanical forces and does not become brittle, which ensures particular stability during machining by installers, and also under heavy-duty use when finished. “Thus, high-quality work results are produced by sawing, milling and drilling, without causing tears or break-out of the material”, explained Christian. By using UV-cured, solvent-free acrylic lacquers, the surfaces are robust and thus retain their quality long-term. In addition, the multi-coat lacquering technology ensures a high degree of colour stability

Pfleiderer also uses the innovative hot coating process to produce the new compact laminate, XTerior compact. Thanks to the special surface technology, XTerior compact fulfils the highest UV and weather resistance requirements to EGS/EDS in accordance with EN 438-7 and has thus also qualified for use in outdoor applications.

“We permanently work on producing new solutions, which not only improve the look or feel of our wood-based panels down to the smallest detail, but also their properties in use and final application. The focus is on benefits for the user. In this way we offer our customers significant added value, which is especially noticeable in everyday use.” commented Christian.