Wood is a natural product. Just like our wood-based materials.

Pfleiderer uses a targeted wood mix in its production, the selection and composition of which takes into account product use and subsequent use. No trees are deliberately felled for the production of our wood-based materials.

Pfleiderer products make a difference

The targeted wood mix delivers decisive benefits for our customers and the environment.

  • Active contribution to CO2 reduction through wood mix without active felling.
  • Ensuring optimum material recyclability and thermal recovery after product use through wood mix from exclusively uncontaminated ranges
  • Healthy and stress-free products for construction, furniture and interior design.

Maintaining high quality criteria

We buy our recycled wood continuously and exclusively from certified specialised companies and carry out our own analysis of unwanted contaminants.

With this approach, we meet and exceed legal requirements and standards. This is proven by independent product certifications:

You want to learn more?

On our explaining page on recycled wood you will find detailed information on this topic.

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