After a brief welcome inside the Truck Forum, the day started with a guided tour of the factory especially for the Pfleiderer and JURA-Spedition employees. Unsurprisingly, an MAN-built coach turned up to take them to the factory grounds, where they were able to follow the entire production process, from the first screw to the final inspection of the finished truck. Dr Herrmann didn't pass up the opportunity to put a lorry through its paces on the test track.

Then everyone was able to get a first glimpse of the new trucks from the restaurant. After a hearty "trucker meal", it was time for the technical training with a MAN driver trainer, who explained how the technology and the safety systems "think" and work. The JURA-Spedition vehicle fleet consists of 36 trucks made by MAN and DAF. In the course of the current year, 24 of these will be replaced with the latest MAN models. Our vehicle fleet has always been characterized by the use of the latest technology and the fact that the trucks are replaced every three years. The new trucks meet the currently best emissions standard, EURO 6e, and are also equipped with all the safety systems offered by MAN. The focus is clearly on accident prevention. The theoretical part of the training was followed by demonstrations directly at a vehicle.

The MAN driver instructors have collaborated with JURA-Spedition for many years, and are familiar with the tours they complete on a daily basis, and the products that are being transported. Thanks to the "Connected CoDriver" scheme, our drivers receive active support as they go about their everyday work for three months after the handover. The scheme makes it possible for the driver trainers to switch to the vehicles, and to literally interact with the drivers on the road. The scheme is aimed at reducing the fuel consumption down to a minimum, and at ensuring the effective use of the installed systems. The average fleet consumption is currently 30 liters per 100km. We are assuming that the use of the new trucks will make it possible for us to significantly reduce our already very good value, considering our requirements and the high weights we are transporting, even more.

The probably most emotional moment was the moment when the engines of the nine trucks started for the first time, and the fleet moved off towards Neumarkt. It was an amazing experience for our drivers, and we would like to thank MAN and everyone involved very much for an unforgettable day.

We would like to use the opportunity to wish all our drivers safe and accident-free travels.