The histories of Bethel and Pfleiderer go back to the 19th century. For well over 100 years, both have made an impact in the regions where they are active, and on the people who live there. The charity v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel was founded in Bielefeld, and is active in nine of Germany's federal states, where it supports the disabled, the elderly, young people and the homeless, as well as providing community mental health services. Pfleiderer operates five sites in three of these federal states. From its Gütersloh site, it supplies particularly the hub of the German kitchen furniture industry in Eastern Westphalia with high-quality furniture construction panels.

"We have always viewed long-term commitment as a social responsibility, and actively practice this at our sites at Arnsberg, Baruth, Neumarkt, Leutkirch and Gütersloh. For us, corporate social responsibility is a given, and we often quietly help where we are needed. A close relationship with the local people at our sites, where we have firmly established roots, is important to us," emphasizes Stefan Zinn. "The Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Bethel hospice is a place where sick children and their relatives are given empathy and support. As this special form of help is only made possible by and realizable with donations, we felt very strongly that we had to support Bethel."


Over the last 10 years the Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Bethel in Bielefeld has supported children with life-limiting conditions, as well as their families, and offers them a refuge from their extremely stressful everyday lives from the moment they have been diagnosed. Sick children are cared for, siblings are supported, parents are given the space to find some peace and quiet. This includes play and leisure activity offers, but also loving and professional care, as well as the relief of pain and other symptoms they may be suffering from. Pfleiderer's donation will be used to expand the existing offers in the areas of music, art and equine therapy. "During the time they spend at our facility, sensory experiences are hugely important for the sick children, their siblings and their parents," explains René Meistrell. "They make it possible to also address the unspeakable, to talk about it. Active therapy offers give our guests strength and courage, and thereby increase the quality of their lives also beyond their stay."