Planning the design and fitout for cruise ships depends on many factors, for example, specific materials, technology and safety of the installed materials. "Fire protection in particular plays a large role", said Guido Alrich, Head of Project Business Marine. "The International Maritime Organization has certified our products. They can therefore be used virtually anywhere in the interior of cruise ships." The flame retardant surface material for preventive fire protection increases safety at sea. At the same time, the different material qualities always fit seamlessly into the overall look due to the uniform and consistent decor.


"The optimum design match is one of the greatest strengths of Pfleiderer", said Guido. The decors, textures and core materials are easy to combin. The same decor can be used in a cabin, not only as a melamine faced or lacquered board, but also as Duropal HPL and as HPL Element with different cores. "A desk in the cabin is subject to different use than a vanity cabinet in an en-suite wetroom. Through the design match, the decor remains the same in all applications, it is only the qualities used that differ. The passenger on the other hand, always sees and touches the same decor."
It is precisely these combination options that can be found on the new MS Roald Amundsen expedition ship in the Hurtigruten fleet. It will travel to the furthest regions of the Earth, such as the Antarctic or the Northwest Passage. Accordingly, the interior design with Pfleiderer products is also inspired by Nordic style: For example, the Duropal HPL IMO laminate is used on stairways and in the cabin fitout. Depending on the furnishing theme, the laminate is combined with different decors and textures and fits seamlessly into the overall ambience of the expedition ship.
The latest generation of AIDA ships begins with the AIDAnova, which sets new, fresh standards for the AIDA fleet. Here too, the expertise and suitability of Pfleiderer materials were used: Duropal HPL IMO laminate is used on the AIDAnova in combination with the Decoboard P2. The "Milano Oak" decor generates a friendly, light-coloured atmosphere and is used for cabin furniture and the wall panelling. The use of Pfleiderer products meets the high standards of the passengers on the AIDAnova, who are enchanted with theme worlds of experience, for example, a jungle feeling with three water slides on the high seas.


The weight of the materials used plays an enormous role in shipbuilding, because the lighter the ship, the more environmentally friendly is its propulsion. Pfleiderer BalanceBoard is therefore particularly suitable for this segment – it offers large weight reduction with unlimited stability: "BalanceBoard is far lighter than a conventional particleboard: Depending on the thickness, up to 35 percent is replaced by a biomass granulate made from fast regrowing annual plants, that saves wood and weight", explains Guido. In addition, it contributes to careful use of wood raw material as a resource in a natural and sustainable way. BalanceBoard was used successfully, for example, on the exclusive luxury liner Seabourn Encore. The opulent interior fitout meets the highest standards of comfort and exclusiveness. "Especially in projects of this type, BalanceBoard uses its strengths to their full extent, as it enables the interior designers to achieve the greatest possible luxury on board, without breaching the weight specifications for the overall efficiency of the ship", explained Guido Alrich.