Decor Finder

Take advantage of the Decor Finder to specify your perfect design in a few straight forward steps.

The easy to use Decor Finder helps you identify the perfect design and product for your project needs. In a few simple steps you can browse the comprehensive range of diverse Pfleiderer decors and designs. Streamlining colours, woodgrains, stones and other materials by; tone, character, species, collection or texture even by speed of availability if you’re in a hurry!

Once you’ve personalised your project palate, you have the ability to store your digital selection or order real physical product samples quickly and easily! 

Decorative panels in bright colours

Pfleiderer's decorative panels are available in a large number of different colours. So you can easily find a panel that completely matches your ideas and blends seamlessly into the surroundings. Under "Colour World", you can discover our already coordinated colours. From "Over The Rainbow" to "Catch Of The Day", there is sure to be a decorative plate to suit your taste. However, you can also select your decorative plate according to colour character. Simply use the corresponding filter under "Discover more".  


Wooden-Look decorative panels

In addition to the various coloured designs, wood must not be missing from our range of decorative panels. At Pfleiderer, you can choose from over 20 different types of wood, from maple to pine to cedar. There are no limits to your design freedom. 

Decorative slabs in stone look

But the decorative panels not only look good in wood, but also in stone. At Pfleiderer, we offer not only robust concrete but also elegant marble. In this case, you again have a wide choice of colours and structures, such as matt, high gloss or sandpearl.

Decorative panels with special function

If you need decor panels with a special function, for example moisture-resistant or electrostatically dissipative, you will find what you are looking for under "Collections". There you will see a list of all the collections of decorative panels that Pfleiderer has in its range. Because some decorative panels are better suited for certain purposes than for others. Take a look at the wide range of decorative panels and let yourself be inspired!

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