Clever concepts:

Providing scope for knowledge and productivity

Especially in education facilities and offices, an attractive environment is an important factor for the people who want to improve their prospects there and feel appreciated. The respective interior fit-outs should be realisable economically yet also visually appealing, functional and safe. Pfleiderer's wood-based materials offer precisely the right starting point, as they meet the disclaimer "check local fire safety regulations for the application", are low-maintenance as well as durable and can be customised thanks to flexible design options. They are therefore the number one choice for public spaces such as:  


  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Staff kitchens
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Refectories and cafeterias
  • Libraries
  • Corridors and stairwells
  • etc.


Functional as well as beautiful:

Pfleiderer's products permit matching concepts throughout

Whether in the form of fitted furniture in offices or libraries, doors or dividing wall systems, worktops or window sills: Pfleiderer offers an extensive range of products and finishes with durable surfaces and highly functional core materials. It includes the unparalleled robust Duropal HPL surfaces as well as our direct-coated DecoBoard or Duropal flat bonded composite panels. For particularly sophisticated designs, we also have core materials that are coloured throughout as well as unique bespoke digital print finishes available!



Anyone who requires additional safety in interior fitouts and finishes, will find the solution in the antimicrobial effect of the microPLUS® surface. The fact is, bacteria, or rather microbes, are our constant companions. Whether at home, in the office, in public facilities, in the care sector or in hospitals: the initiators of infections pose an acute problem almost everywhere.

The product versions in which microPLUS® are available are as diverse as the possible uses: Depending on requirements, DecoBoard melamine-faced decorative chipboards, high-pressure laminates, compact boards, worktops, composite (flat-bonded) and front elements can be supplied with the antimicrobial surface. There is also a wide range of design choices - microPLUS® is available for DecoBoard in the DST Xpress collection and for HPL in the entire design collection. microPLUS® also excels in terms of the product and structural combination of HPL and DecoBoard, allowing the products to be combined in a variety of ways in many application areas of different projects.

Discover more information about microPLUS®.


Duropal XTreme plus

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality based on EN 438-3:HGS/VGS, with robust, electron beam cured surface and sanded reverse. Duropal XTreme plus is an attractive supermatt surface material with an anti-fingerprint effect, which is ideal for horizontal, heavily used surfaces.

Learn more about Duropal XTreme plus

PrimeBoard XTreme MDF plus

Melamine resin faced medium-density fibreboard with high-quality and innovative multi-layer coating made up of a permanently elastic functional layer and UV-curing acrylic coatings.

Learn more about PrimeBoard XTreme MDF plus

Duropal SolidColor

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality according to EN 438-9:BTS, with uniform colour-through core for the highest demands on aesthetics, functionality and durability. The reverse is sanded ready for gluing.

Learn more about Duropal SolidColor

Duropal HPL Pyroex

Decorative high pressure laminate in flame resistant quality according to EN 438-3:HGF/VGF with robust melamine resin surface and sanded reverse.

Learn more about Duropal HPL Pyroex

DecoBoard P2 ESA

Electrostatically dissipative particleboard with decorative melamine resin facing on both faces.

Learn more about DecoBoard P2 ESA

Duropal Element Individual Motiv P2

Flat bonded element with individually digitally printed motifs made from a particleboard core, Type P2 to EN 312, surfaced with Duropal HPL Individual Motiv, reverse side white. Our well-known Individual world from just 1 piece upwards, where your image files can be used as a motif.

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