Flexible, safe and aesthetically appealing

Perfect interior fit out materials

Low weight, durability and a wide range of design options are extremely important when it comes to the interior fit-out of such spaces. Pfleiderer's products are the number one choice in this area, as they not only offer an unlimited range of design options but are also easy to work with and can be adapted precisely to the respective dimensions and requirements. Pfleiderer's Cruise & Transport solutions are designed specifically for interior outfitters of

  • Cruise ships
  • Yachts
  • Offshore platforms (e.g. oil rigs)
  • Motorhomes
  • Food trucks
  • Lifts
  • etc.

Easily realise matching interior concepts throughout:

With flexibly combinable finishes, textures and core materials

Through the combination of suitable core materials with decorative surfaces, Pfleiderer provides maximum design scope. Our materials are always available with more than 300 finishes and with 14 textures. 
Plus, with Duropal HPL Metallic IMO and Duropal-HPL Individual IMO, Pfleiderer also offers extremely aesthetic metallic effects and customised digital print finishes!

Travel well:

Materials that unlock a wide range of advantages

Interior fit-outs for spaces in unusual locations are also subject to unusual rules: the materials used must be easy to work with and robust as the various trades need to be able to realise the projects fast; they also need to look good for a long time to come. At the same time, they have to comply with stringent fire safety and moisture resistance regulations. Another important aspect that applies to anything mobile is: they must be lightweight in order to save fuel and thereby harm the environment just a little less. With Duropal HPL, high pressure laminates and reduced weight chipboard cores, Pfleiderer is making an important contribution to meeting these criteria. 

IMO certified safety

Our interior panels are marine grade

Interior fit-outs on passenger vessels, yachts and offshore platforms are subject to stringent regulations. Pfleiderer offers a range of decorative panel materials approved for marine use by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). You can therefore rely on the fact that they fully meet the fire prevention regulations that apply to public spaces such as corridors and stairwells, theatres, bars and restaurants.



Anyone who requires additional safety in interior fitouts and finishes, will find the solution in the antimicrobial effect of the microPLUS® surface. The fact is, bacteria, or rather microbes, are our constant companions. Whether at home, in the office, in public facilities, in the care sector or in hospitals: the initiators of infections pose an acute problem almost everywhere.

The product versions in which microPLUS® are available are as diverse as the possible uses: Depending on requirements, DecoBoard melamine-faced decorative chipboards, high-pressure laminates, compact boards, worktops, composite (flat-bonded) and front elements can be supplied with the antimicrobial surface. There is also a wide range of design choices - microPLUS® is available for DecoBoard in the DST Xpress collection and for HPL in the entire design collection. microPLUS® also excels in terms of the product and structural combination of HPL and DecoBoard, allowing the products to be combined in a variety of ways in many application areas of different projects.

Discover more information about microPLUS®.

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