Depending on the area of use, the combination of decors, textures and new surfaces create added functional value. This ranges from high-quality design options, to easy cleaning, scratch and abrasion resistance, through to less visible but all the more important hygiene and fire protection properties. "With a well-thought through interior design, architects and interior designers make a decisive contribution to making future guests feel good in every respect. Recurring elements also lend the hotel its very own character with recognition value", said Markus David, Projects Manager. "With all the love of design – including in public spaces, high functionality and durability standards apply to the interiors. With our experience in this segment, we help project partners to make the right choice of materials, without having to make any design compromises. At the same time, innovative surfaces help to make furniture and interior elements resistant to surface abrasions, scratches and other signs of wear."


The HPL surface material Duropal XTreme presented at the trade fair is extremely hard-wearing and easy care. Fingermarks don't adhere and even stubborn grease marks can be removed easily. A further improvement offered by the XTreme plus version – with impressive abrasion and scratch resistance, that it is even suitable for highly exposed interior and project fixtures due to its suitability for heavy-duty use The XTreme range is complemented by the unique Pfleiderer PrimeBoard XTreme Matt for vertical use. An innovative lacquer surface lends the wood-based panel particular suitability for everyday use, even long-term. "Thanks to their high degree of functionality and durability, all XTreme surfaces prove themselves to be ideal for use in highly frequented areas of use such are frequently found in hotels", said David. "At the same time, the surfaces offer a super matt, low reflection finish and a warm, velvety soft, silky feel – perfect for aesthetically sophisticated interiors on the highest level."

This was also the standard pursued by the architects of the "Motel One Barcelona ­Ciutadella" hotel. The typical Spanish construction method was combined here with regionally produced designer furniture and natural influences of surrounding nature. Thanks to its particular properties, Pfleiderer's Duropal XTreme with matt surface contributes to an all-round good feeling for the guests in the whole hotel. In the plain decor Terra Brown, the surfaces impress not only in vertical but also in horizontal use through the enormous colour transparency and depth of their appearance. "Thanks to the anti­fingerprint effect, the surfaces also retain their high-quality appearance long-term, as many forms of contamination simply do not adhere to them", said Markus David. "This quality makes daily cleaning significantly easier."

The Le Meridien Hotel on Vienna's Obernring also makes use of the variety and function of surfaces made by Pfleiderer. The former entrance hall with its numerous columns and a relatively low ceiling height has been replaced by a restaurant and bar area, in which Duropal XTreme in Volcanic Black decor not only produces an elegant appearance, but also surfaces whose robust and non-sensitive properties also withstand continuous use in the reception area.


In addition to the innovative and functional surfaces, in particular, it is the many and varied potential combinations of decors, textures and cores that together lead to Pfleiderer products being found in hotels throughout the whole world. "The DST Collection enables decors, textures and core materials to be combined freely. The same decor can be used not only in the hotel rooms but also in the public areas, as a faced faced or coated board, as Duropal HPL and as HPL Element with different cores", emphasised Markus David. "With materials precisely matched to their respective area of use, architects, interior designers and installers, and furniture makers receive the full flexibility they need to implement their design throughout the entire hotel, exactly as they imagined it."

The architects of "The Westin" luxury hotel in Hamburg, which opened in the spectacular building of the Elb Philharmonic Hall in 2017, also opted for the strengths of the DST Collection. With the "Lindberg Oak" decor, especially developed for the project, the five-star hotel acquired a design element that can be found throughout the entire building. The timeless reproduction of fine European oak helps to lend the hotel its very own character. With subtle pore figure, the surface of the decor is particularly authentic, as it lends the "Montana MO" texture gloss-matt effects and depths that come alive. The interior designer not only specified the rooms but also the hotel's own top restaurant with this decor. With "Lindberg Oak", the light, natural and at the same time fine characteristics of the building continue in the extensive spa area. To this end, Pfleiderer's DecoBoard P2 was selected – a high-quality wood particleboard, which is faced on both sides and is equally suitable for furniture carcasses and fronts. "The Westin" project impressively demonstrates how our products can be combined in varied ways to ideally match them to their respective area of use", explained David. "Regardless of whether for highly exposed horizontal surfaces, furniture fronts in damp environments or stable furniture carcasses – together with the customers we put together the right materials from our range. Usable in combination, the interior acquires a completely rounded, uniform aesthetic."