Creating innovations and showing full commitment is what defines the furniture manufacturer RCO from Poland. In addition to good ideas and the absolute will to succeed, this requires above all a love of modern technology. In order to be able to convey this authentically, it is also necessary to design the company's premises accordingly. In order to perfectly reflect the RCO in the premises, they have relied on the quality and design of Pfleiderer products. In doing so, they opted for the high-quality products with DecoBoard and HPL when designing their premises. They combine elegance, variety and functionality. A perfect symbiosis with the use at RCO to always be one step ahead and to be able to present the company values in design and interior design as well.

At a glance

Planner/architect:Magdalena Majerowska-Pukacz
Products used:


DecoBoard P2


Decors used:

U12290 Anthracite Grey XM

U12018 Basalt Grey MP

S60011 Smooth Concrete Graphit FG

U12115 Platinum Grey MP

U12000 Volcanic Black XM

Project consultant:Nina Giergowska

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Duropal HPL

Decorative high pressure laminate in postforming quality according to EN 438-3:HGP/VGP, with robust melamine resin surface and sanded reverse.

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DecoBoard P2

Urea resin bonded particleboard with decorative melamine facing on both faces, awarded with the Blue Angel.

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Duropal Worktop Quadra, P2

Worktop with particleboard core type P2 to EN 312, surface bonded with highly resistant Duropal HPL to EN 438, underside sealed with water-repellent backing. The postforming front edge of the Quadra worktop has a radius of 3 mm, the rear edge is sealed with a protective edging strip. As a variant it is also available with profiled edges on both sides.

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S60011 Smooth Concrete Graphite

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U12000 Volcanic Black

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U12018 Basalt Grey

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U12290 Anthracite Grey

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