Bacteria meet hygiene - Play it safe with the antibacterial surfaces microPlus®

For all hygiene-sensitive areas, Pfleiderer offers an antibacterial surface that reliably prevents the risk of microbial transmission. The effect of the surface is significant: Duropal microPlus® demonstrably achieves a permanent reduction of bacteria by more than 99 percent and is completely harmless to humans. This is confirmed by certificates from the independent testing institutes Fresenius and Isega. High-pressure laminate (HPL) and HPL elements with microPlus® finish are suitable for use in all areas where hygiene plays a special role. For example, microPlus® enables the production of shelves, fronts and counters as well as table tops and partition walls with an antibacterial effect in heavily frequented areas.

A team of experts has been working on the development and continuous optimization of the antibacterial surface microPlus® since 2005. In addition to reliable long-term protection against bacteria, the highest priority is absolute harmlessness with regard to skin and food contact or evaporation. The product works on the basis of a bactericidal agent that is also used in shampoos, toothpastes and skin creams. The effectiveness expressed in numbers means: If 10,000 bacteria are applied to a test surface, between 0 and 10 of these remain after 24 hours, which corresponds to a reduction of bacteria of over 99 percent. Through the contact of the bacteria with the microPlus® HPL surface, important functions in the microorganism are disturbed, the bacteria can no longer multiply and die.

Even if the HPL surface wears off, the effect of microPlus® remains fully intact throughout the entire product use. As a result, HPL and elements with microPlus® combine lifetime properties that offer a significant advantage in interior design: Hygiene and durable, long-lasting, high-quality products.

The main areas of application of microPlus® are in facilities with high public traffic and the highest hygienic requirements such as hospitals, laboratories, doctors' practices, nursing homes as well as in cruise liners and in the wellness and sports sector - and also in shops, hotels, public buildings, airports or railway stations. Here microPlus® offers reliable protection against the transmission of bacteria. Of course, bathroom and kitchen furniture can also be equipped with microPlus®.

The product types in which microPlus® is available are as versatile as the possible applications: depending on requirements, high-pressure laminates, worktops, composite and front elements are available with the antibacterial surface. There is also a wide range of design options - microPlus® is available in the decors of the Pfleiderer Design Collection.

Together with the range of fire protection and IMO-certified panels, Pfleiderer offers a comprehensive range for creative planning and demand-oriented finishes in ship interiors.