Location is one of the most important aspects when buying a home. The Centralna Park apartment complex on Centralna and Galicyjska Streets in Krakow is a good choice for those who are looking for a flat with easy access to the centre and developed infrastructure. The wide choice of recreational areas also allows for active leisure time. Thanks to the use of plain, stone and wood decors by Pfleiderer, the apartment with an industrial look looks very inviting and modern. The products excellently reflect the atmosphere of the residential complex in terms of relaxation and modern appearance.

At a glance

Products used:PrimeBoard, DecoBoard P2
Decors used:

U12000 Volcanic Black

U12290 Anthracite Grey

F76037 Phoenix Brown

R20038 Natural Chalet Oak

S60010 Smooth Concrete

F76073 Patina
Project consultant:Nina Giergowska

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PrimeBoard P2

Gemelamineerde spaanplaat met hoogwaardige en innovatieve meerlaagse laklaag bestaande uit een duurzame elastische functionele laag en UV-uithardende acryllakken.

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DecoBoard P2

Ureumharsgebonden houtspaanplaat, met aan beide zijden een decoratieve gemelamineerde toplaag, bekroond met de “Blue Angel” voor het diktebereik van 8-25 mm.

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F76037 (PPHOE1) Phoenix bruin

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R20038 (R4284/R3217) Chalet Oak natuur

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U12000 (U1200) Vulkaanzwart

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U12290 (U1290) Antracietzwart

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