Carnival Mardi Gras
PSD Hamburg, CCL Miami
Executing company
Meyer Turku Oy
Furniture and wall cladding

Cleaner on the road

The biggest and probably most important innovation on the Mardi Gras remains invisible at first glance: The ship is the first cruise ship in North America to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This makes the Mardi Gras much more climate-friendly than the usual diesel-electric or diesel-only propulsion systems. For example, the combustion of LNG produces no sulfur oxides, no particulate matter and no soot particles, and more than 20% less carbon dioxide.

Full program entertainment

The Mardi Gras also sets standards when it comes to the actual purpose of a cruise: relaxation, entertainment and culinary delights! Divided into a total of six zones, restaurants and bars present themselves for every time of day and night and almost every taste. SPAs and pools, water slides, sports facilities and show stages make the ship the ultimate playground for guests of all ages. A special highlight is "Bolt" - the first roller coaster on a cruise ship.

Four-star comfort on the water

Reconciling the demands of a luxury hotel with those of an ocean-going vessel is always a challenge. This also applies to the interior fittings. As one of the world's leading suppliers of engineered wood, Pfleiderer is also represented on a large scale at the Mardi Gras: Direct-coated DecoBoard is used for furniture fronts in the cabin interiors. Where more durability is required, such as for doors, wall panels and table surfaces in the cabins, robust Duropal HPL in high-quality wood and solid colors ensures a stylish ambience with high functional value. The unique DST system ensures that concepts with the same decor can be implemented across all trades.

Safety as standard - even with individual ideas

For all safety-relevant areas of application, such as cabin doors, stairwells, connecting corridors and other escape and rescue routes, Pfleiderer not only provides a brilliant appearance, but also ensures that the IMO (International Maritime Organization) fire protection requirements are reliably met thanks to the IMO approval of Duropal HPL. A very special eye-catcher was created in the design of the cabin doors. Here, an HPL decor was processed using the custom printing process, which combines the signature blue of the shipping company with the metal transitions customary in shipbuilding. The "metal strip" was simply printed continuously into the door decor. During processing, extremely precise cutting ensured that it was positioned at the same horizontal height on all doors.