Design interiors and exteriors with compact laminates

Compact laminates, also known as high-pressure laminate boards or compact grade laminates, combine the design variety and robustness of Duropal HPL with the design possibilities of a through-dyed core. From robust furniture to wet areas or façades – discover our range of Duropal compact laminates for all applications with high quality and design requirements.

Compact laminate boards for a variety of uses

Duropal compact laminates open up countless possibilities for high-quality, hard-wearing furniture and interior fittings.

Easy-care, durable and extremely robust, compact laminates are an excellent choice not only for damp and wet areas or sites with high exposure.  Compact laminate boards can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

Real added value: Compact laminates with innovative properties

Superficially attractive is not good enough for everyday use. This is why Duropal compact laminates, which are faced on both sides, can therefore not only be used to implement robustness, easy-care and hygiene standards systematically, but also to meet special requirements reliably and in top quality:

XTreme surfaces play to their strengths when it comes to the unique combination of super-matt finishes and anti-fingerprint effect. With soft touch and high-quality plain decors, they offer practical solutions without compromises.

Even the most demanding requirements for fire protection in interior design concepts can be implemented reliably with the flame retardant and non-combustible compact laminates from Pfleiderer.

Aesthetics for unique concepts with Duropal compact laminates

When it comes to the interaction of form and function, compact laminates set high standards. With their solid, through-dyed white, grey or black core, Duropal compact laminates are predestined for open edge solutions and even engraving. Available a range of thicknesses the self-supporting compact laminate boards offer everything needed for unusual, modern interior design.

Individually designed compact laminates

Duropal HPL Compact Individual is the solution for truly distinctive room concepts: Gain unlimited design freedom and realise your own decor wherever you want it. Especially for applications with high demands such as doctors’ surgeries, schools or restaurants, individually designed compact laminates are the solution – inspirationally creative, in impressive quality and totally unique.

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Compact laminates for outdoor use: Duropal XTerior compact

Duropal XTerior compact offers the best conditionsfor exterior use: highly decorative, easy to clean with an anti-graffiti surface, UV and weather-resistant and available with fire protection upon request.

Design outdoor areas with style

Duropal XTerior compact is a robust and elegant material for designing outdoor areas.

Thanks to the wide variety of decors, from extensive plain colours to authentic wood, stone and material decors, the compact laminates offer countless design options. Create harmonious colour concepts or add individual highlights to

The Exterior Matt surface texture gives the compact laminate boards a particularly attractive touch: the fine grain makes the surface sandy whilst also reflecting light. The resulting shimmer contributes to the high-quality of the surface and enhances the decor and form in a harmonious way under any angle of light.

Naturally robust: High-pressure laminate boards for exterior use

As part of the FunXTional Products, our exterior compact laminate panels offer unique advantages: the Exterior Matt surface is extremely weather and UV resistant as well as extremely scratch and impact resistant.

Their easy-care finish ensures that dirt, fingerprints and even graffiti can be easily removed. – This means that outdoor surfaces always look their best with Duropal XTerior compact!

Full choice for quality design with the DST System

Pfleiderer's DST System is the solution for harmonious, well thought-out and robust design concepts that can be implemented economically and that don't just look good.

With Duropal HPL Compact, you can choose from the brilliant range of decors in the DST system - from finely graded plain decors to fascinatingly authentic stone, wood and material decors.

The compact laminates can be combined with all other products in the Pfleiderer DST System in an almost limitless number of ways, so that everything matches and can be implemented with stylish aesthetics. It is even possible to design interior and exterior areas with identical decors.                                                                                                                                    

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Easy planning thanks to digital services for compact laminates

Gather ideas, select decors or transfer BIM data directly? Pfleiderer’s digital services simplify your planning process, from the initial idea through to realisation. Enter and discover the creative, decorative and technical possibilities of Duropal compact laminates.

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Duropal Compact – Quality encapsulated

Design is only one aspect of quality when it comes to practical and durable solutions. Duropal compact laminates also contribute the right inner values: With our compact laminate boards you can draw upon a tested, sustainable and functional range – and implement customer wishes without any compromise in the quality and durability of the products.

Strong designs perfectly implemented – our case studies

FAQ – frequent questions about compact laminates

What are compact laminate boards?

Compact laminate boards are self-supporting high-pressure laminates, usually with a decorative surface on both sides, and a minimum thickness of 2 millimetres. The panels consist of resin-impregnated core and surface layers, usually paper, which are pressed together under high pressure and temperature to form a solid, stable material.

The requirements and properties of high-pressure compact laminates, as they are named in the standard, are standardised in the European standard EN 438-4. EN 438-9 describes compact laminates with an alternative core.

In addition to the classic compact laminates with black core, Pfleiderer also offers coloured cores in white and grey for special design requirements. For fire protection applications, non-combustible compact laminates with core layers made of mineral constituents are used.

By the way: Compact laminate boards are also known as high-pressure laminate boards, compact grade laminates or solid grade laminates. In all cases, they are the described high-pressure compact laminates.

What are the advantages of compact laminates?

The unusually compact material features very hard-wearing properties, which offers many advantages for applications. Duropal compact laminates are:

  • durable & environmentally compatible
  • extremely impact resistant
  • heat & moisture resistant
  • antistatic
  • self-supporting with high bending strength
  • engravable & usable without edge sealing
  • available in large sizes for low cutting waste

The surface is:

  • abrasion & scratch resistant
  • hygienic & food safe
  • antibacterial & easy care
  • lightfast
  • chemically resistant against many substances
  • available in numerous design options

Compact laminates are thus suitable for areas with particularly harsh conditions or exposure to moisture. Classic areas of use are sanitary, hospital and laboratory areas, as well as bathrooms and kitchens.

Are compact laminates suitable for fire protection applications?

Fire protection requirements make interior fittings a technical challenge. Compact laminates in fire protection quality are therefore used wherever preventive fire protection is required and special demands are placed on the design, robustness and easy-care properties of the material.

The flame-retardant material Duropal HPL Compact Pyroex is available in the usual wide range of decors and textures of Duropal compact laminates. A non-combustible fire protection board is also available: Duropal flameprotect compact. And with IMO approval ,it is even approved for use in ship interiors.

Are there compact laminates available for exterior use?

Yes, at Pfleiderer you will also findhigh-resistant and UV-resistant compact laminate panels, which are suitable for exterior uses, such as garden and balcony furniture, playground equipment or stylish parapets, screens and façade elements.

Your advantages with compact laminates for exterior use:

  • extremely robust and weather resistant
  • fine surface look and feel
  • unique design selection
  • anti-graffiti effect

And for the façade design of taller buildings, Duropal XTerior compact F is available in fire protection quality.

Compact laminate panels for other areas of use

Worktops in their most attractive form

Solid grade laminates not only meet all the hygiene requirements of a kitchen, but thanks to their authentic decors, they are also ideal for the implementation of modern kitchen designs. Get an overview of your options in our brochure on the current Compact Worktops Collection and discover further materials for worktops.

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Compact laminates for exterior use

Discover the design possibilities of compact laminates for exterior use and the whole XTerior range. The weather resistance and easy-care properties speak for themselves. Let yourself be inspired for attractive exterior uses.

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