Pfleiderer formwork panels:

Benchmark setting for contemporary concrete construction work

The advantages of cast in situ concrete construction can only be consistently used in practice with the right formwork. Achieving the desired shape, surface properties and evenness calls for high-quality, robust and tough wood-based materials. Pfleiderer's formwork panels make an important contribution to this as they can be worked precisely and used flexibly – and can also reliably withstand the demanding conditions on building sites.

Pfleiderer Decoboard:

The best basis for precision craftsmanship

Due to its melamine coating on both sides and moisture resistant amino resin bonding, Pfleiderer's DecoBoard is an excellent choice for formwork construction. As the panels are extremely isotropic, they can be used with minimum off-cut waste. Their homogeneous surface also makes them suitable for exposed concrete areas. A special barrier finish ensures that they do not affect the setting and hardening behaviour of the concrete. DecoBoard is available in Class P3, Class P5 as well as Class P7, in other words for all static pressure requirements – even if the formwork panels are used repeatedly.

Pfleiderer Livingboard:

Moisture resistant fine grade chipboard formwork panels

Thanks to its untreated surface and formaldehyde-free PU bonding, Pfleiderer LivingBoard is also suitable for formwork construction work and the reinforcement of formwork structures in damp conditions. The raw chipboard panels are extremely isotropic; in Class P5, they are suitable for load-bearing structures and in Class P7 for applications that call for extremely high load-bearing capacities.

Pfleiderer Livingboard face and contiprotect:

The absorbent alternative

LivingBoard is also available as LivingBoard Face and LivingBoard Face Contiprotect. On these product versions, the panel face has been sanded slightly, or it features a heat-treated Contiprotect surface finish. Both versions are available in Class P5 and Class P7. They are used as absorbent formwork panels; LivingBoard Face Contiprotect offers a considerably delayed moisture absorption.

Pfleiderer PremiumBoard MFP P5:

Versatile multifunctional formwork panels

PremiumBoard MFP P5 is a multifunctional, non-coated raw chipboard panel with a rough top layer. These panels are suitable for formwork construction work and formwork structure reinforcement and can also be used in many other areas, from wall cladding to flooring substructures. They are extremely isotropic, moisture resistant and rigid, and can be firmly fixed with nails, screws and staples even close to the edges.

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