FunXTional Products

Functionality down to the last detail: Unique XTreme surfaces

Surfaces shape our perceptions through how they look and feel. They make materials tactile and stimulate our senses. Pfleiderer’s functional XTreme surfaces raise the bar in this respect. They combine a refined look and a warm, velvety feel with different technical properties in a unique way using stylish and perfectly coordinated decor combinations – and they are suitable for a range of applications. 

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Fire protection

Built-in safety: Solutions for fire prevention

The serious issue of constructional fire protection is always present, particularly in public buildings. The construction products have to be flame resistant or non-flammable, depending on their field of application, and must have valid proof of fire prevention testing. The Pfleiderer fire protection range affords designers and architects a wide variety of design possibilities, while always putting safety first.

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Digital Printing

Bespoke decor designs: Your motifs in digital print

Individual Motif, Individual Inspiration and Individual Decor for truly unique furniture and interior designs – this is what Pfleiderer Individual stands for. By using state-of-the-art digital printing technology photos, illustrations, logos, text and any other reproducible templates can be transformed into high quality decors. Even from a minimum quantity of just one!

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Health protection as standard: Hygiene products from pfleiderer

A healthy environment in which to function, work and live starts with the right material. Pfleiderer has used this knowledge to consistently develop its product range, and can now offer innovative solutions for health protection that can be implemented in stages, depending on the application.

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