All-day primary schools Erlaaer Schleife
Vienna, Germany
Executing company
Köhnlein Türen GmbH

An adaptive learning tape

The new elementary school Erlaaer Schleife 2 is located between existing educational buildings in a green environment by Viennese standards. The structure is oriented to mediate between the neighboring developments and the main axes of the urban expansion area "In der Wiesen Ost". The school is designed as a multiple bent adaptive band. This creates a clearly articulated interior, efficiently connects the existing school building and allows a generous opening to the park to the south.

Reflection of the environment

The design of the elementary school Erlaaer Schleife 2 takes up the conditions of the surroundings both in its materiality and in its formal language - and sets them in scene in an architecturally sophisticated way. This applies to the use of wood on the facade, which additionally emphasizes the irregularities of the building with its organic appearance. But inside, too, architect Peter Mitterer of Kronaus Mitterer Architekten attaches importance to picking up on the influence of the neighborhood. Thus, the floor plan, which is clearly clustered according to grade levels or functional areas, offers maximum transparency for the learners.

Playful orientation

To make the learning environment as friendly as possible - and as a splash of color from nature - the interior design concept relies on doors and wall cladding with individual surface designs. Duropal HPL with a total of 45 different decors is used. The clustering of the building is picked up by the striking background color, the floral illustrations on it varying slightly from door to door. The concept explicitly includes not only purely commercial doors but also doors with special requirements in terms of sound insulation and fire protection. In this way, the approach provides consistent orientation for children to find their way around the building in a playful way - while still providing varied visual stimuli. The low-maintenance and extremely robust high-pressure laminate also ensures that the architectural claim survives the change of generations of pupils without losing its brilliance.