Film off: Consistent circular economy in the use of natural resources

The world must become more sustainable, resources must be conserved and climate change must be stopped. The right materials make an important contribution to this. In order to realistically assess sustainability, the entire product life cycle and its effects have been considered for some time. Today, we assume that a consistent circular economy is the optimal strategy for dealing with natural resources.

This is what Cradle to Cradle stands for

The Cradle to Cradle philosophy was conceived in the 1990s by the German chemist Michael Braungart and the US architect William McDonough. Literally translated, it means "cradle to cradle" - and this also sums up the core of the idea. Everything that is used is a "nutrient". And every nutrient should be preserved. Biological, natural substances in natural cycles, so-called "technical nutrients" in technical cycles. After their use, both should form the basis (i.e. cradle) for the emergence of something new. In this way, Cradle to Cradle products can either be returned to nature or kept in material cycles.

Cradle to Cradle at Pfleiderer as a short film

Pfleiderer therefore attaches great importance to ensuring that the raw materials of our wood-based materials are preserved as completely as possible in a so-called technical cycle - from production to use to recycling. Ideally, after use, the raw materials for new products are created through recycling and the cycle is repeated.

In the following film, you will therefore learn more about what cradle-to-cradle actually means and how Pfleiderer incorporates this topic into its responsibility and daily actions.

These Pfleiderer products have been Cradle to Cradle certified

Pfleiderer's most sustainable wood-based materials are certified according to the principles of the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Product Program. Here, an independent organisation tests material health, recyclability, use of renewable energies, responsible use of water and social justice according to particularly strict standards.

This enables our customers to implement ideas and concepts in a particularly future-proof and resource-saving way.

As part of the current certification process, the following Pfleiderer products, among others, were awarded Cradle to CradleTM Certified Bronze:

The following Pfleiderer products have been awarded Cradle to CradleTM Certified Silver:

More info?

If you have any questions about the Cradle to Cradle certification of our products, please contact environment[at]pfleiderer[dot]com.

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Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a top priority at Pfleiderer

At Pfleiderer, we address the needs and interests of our stakeholders by implementing sustainable processes within the company and society.

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Reducing journeys and emissions - drive and size make the difference

DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL, Nuremberg, supply the wood-based materials manufacturer Pfleiderer in Neumarkt with high-quality recycled wood chips on a daily basis. With a new concept for joint logistics, a total of three partners are convincing in terms of transport volume and environmental impact.

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Exemplary ecology - wooden housing estate in Prinz-Eugen-Park

More timber construction, please! This was one of the wishes expressed by Munich's citizens in a survey in 2012. This innovative timber housing estate on the site of a former barracks in Bogenhausen is future-oriented in many respects!

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