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Rehau, Germany
NMS Natural Wood Solutions GmbH
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NMS Natural Wood Solutions GmbH
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Timber frame construction at its best

There are many factors in favour of timber frame construction. This includes above all the material itself. Because wood is a renewable and recyclable raw material, which is why it serves as a long-term CO2 reservoir and ensures a positive CO2 balance. Compared to other construction methods using concrete, steel or bricks, wood as a natural material has an extremely low primary energy requirement, as hardly any additional energy is needed to produce it.

For this reason, NWS Natural Wood Solutions has specialized in various construction methods using wood both indoors and outdoors and has already implemented various projects in cooperation with Pfleiderer. The most recent joint property is a warehouse and production hall in Rehau, Bavaria. Due to the dry construction method, the building could be built within a very short time.

Thanks to the high static design values of Pfleiderer LivingBoard P7, the panel fulfills a stiffening function that guarantees the spatial stability and stability of the building. "We only used Pfleiderer wood-based panels for the entire stiffening of the wall and roof construction," explains Frank Nützel. 253 Pfleiderer LivingBoard P7 panels were used in total.

Pfleiderer LivingBoard is a particularly sustainable and healthy solution. "This board is made of low-resin spruce and a formaldehyde-free binder and is therefore the ideal choice for healthy timber frame construction. In addition, LivingBoard is particularly resource-saving because sawmill by-products from PEFC™- or FSC®-certified forests are used in production," explains Olaf Heiden, Area Manager for Engineered Wood at Pfleiderer.

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