Farglory Condominium
Taiwan Order
Cabinets, Indoor furnishing, Interior design

26 floors stylishly furnished

Taiwan Order is the largest manufacturer of box furniture in Taiwan. The company mainly produces furniture for independent sale. However, major customers from the real estate industry are also served directly by Taiwan Order. For example, at the beginning of 2020, the furniture manufacturer contributed the furnishing of a total of 200 residential units to a new apartment building of the Farglory Group - one of Taiwan's leading real estate developers - via a general contractor.

Focus on quality and healthy living

In order to fully meet the upmarket demands on design and durability, Taiwan Order works with quality "Made in Germany" for the Farglory Condominiums: High-quality, low-emission V100a E05 beams with moisture-resistant properties, combined with extremely realistic wood reproductions and plain decors in white as well as volcanic black in high-quality, easy-care direct coating. On this basis, Taiwan Order set the stage for its products with pinpoint accuracy in several interior design styles defined by the project developer, and also benefits from European emission standards for outstanding residential health. In order to make the best possible use of the available space, the dimensions and appearance of the furniture are of course perfectly adapted to the floor plans and layout of the flats.

East meets West

The close and trusting cooperation with Pfleiderer has been contributing to our joint success for over 25 years. Particularly in the development of furniture and interior design concepts in large numbers for turnkey residential units, reliable quality and European emission standards, high-quality appearance as well as high utility value with a good price-performance ratio are also increasingly in demand in Taiwan. The strong partnership between Taiwan Order and Pfleiderer opens up opportunities for both sides to benefit from this fast-growing market.

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