Wood-based particleboards are a solid wood alternative that is in keeping with the times, as wood chipboard panels are resource-saving, easy to work with and have consistent characteristics. As a manufacturer of raw chipboard panels, Pfleiderer offers numerous varieties for high-quality solutions for a wide range of areas - made in Germany and, on request, PEFC or FSC certified.

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With our raw chipboard panels, we offer your precisely the right material for a wide range of different requirements. Whether low emission or flame retardant, sound insulating, load-bearing or low swelling - discover our particleboards for economical and high-quality results.

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ParticleBoards - thoroughly impressive

Particleboards, often also called chipboards, belong to the most important sheet wood materials. They consist of variously sized wood chips that are mixed with bonding agents and then pressed into sheets. Particleboards have a firm place in modern timber construction, interior design and furniture making, because they are:

  • suitable for a wide range of uses
  • easy to work with
  • more affordable than solid wood
  • resource-efficient, as they are made of renewable raw materials and recycled wood
  • easilyrecyclable

Materials for plenty of potential areas of use

Whether for dry or humid conditions, for fire protection areas, in large formats or as floor panels with tongues and grooves – Pfleiderer offers a wide range of raw chipboard panels with various different properties and in all kinds of versions to suit your industrial and commercial applications:

Chipboard panels - benefit the environment

At a time of heightened environmental consciousness, projects are increasingly focused on sustainability and conserving resources.Especially in this respect, Pfleiderer's particleboards can make an important contribution as it is manufactured from natural, renewable raw materials.

Cascade use and a high recycled material content ensure that the wood is also used over a long period of time and that the greenhouse gas CO₂ remains sequestered.

Manufactured with innovative technologies that minimise the impact on the climate, Pfleiderer's particleboards are guaranteed eco-friendly, healthy and high-quality materials – even in the second life cycle of the green raw material!

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Planning made simple: BIM Data for your projects

Pfleiderer’s digital services simplify the design process, from the initial concept through to its realisation. BIM data for Archicad, AutoCAD, Revit as well as Ifc files are available for many of our raw chipboard panels. Simply integrate them directly into your planning tool and discover the wide range of possibilities Pfleiderer's particleboards offer you.

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Certified sustainable: Pfleiderer raw chipboard panels

As a particleboard manufacturer based in Germany, we focus on certified, low-emission products – for solutions without compromise when it comes to quality, ecology and sustainability.

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FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Particleboards

What standards apply for particleboards?

The requirements to be met by particleboards manufactured are specified in the European Standard EN 312. According to this standard, particleboards are divided into seven panel grades:

  • Type P1 – general purpose boards for use in dry conditions
  • Type P2 – boards for interior fitments (including furniture) for use in dry conditions
  • Type P3 – non load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions
  • Type P4 – load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions
  • Type P5 – load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions
  • Type P6 – heavy duty load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions
  • Type P7 – heavy duty load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions.

How environmentally friendly is particleboard?

Using particleboards is eco-friendly in several ways, as Pfleiderer's particleboards consist of over 90% of wood, which is a natural raw material. Besides waste wood from industrial sawmills and forestry thinning, we use untreated recycled wood. We source 90% of the wood we use close to our plants. In addition, our suppliers are required to demonstrate that they comply with the FSC and PEFC standards .

The use of wood as a resource is an optimal material cycle that also reduces pressure on forest resources and protects the climate through the CO2 stored in wood. Increasing the use of high-quality engineered wood products is therefore an important contribution to climate protection and the preservation of our living environment.

What size are Pfleiderer's raw chipboard panels?

To provide economical trade, industrial and construction solutions, Pfleiderer offers raw chipboard panels in large sheet formats leading to as few offcuts as possible, as well as more compact sizes, and also in the form of floor panels with tongues and grooves.

The raw chipboard panels are available in many standard formats with a thickness ranging from 8 to 50 mm. The standard lengths for unfaced panel formats range from 2500 mm to 5600 mm, the widths from 1250 mm to 2100 mm. Pfleiderer's tongue-and-groove particleboard sheets are available in the sizes:

  • 1,710 x 690 mm
  • 2,050 x 615 mm
  • 2,050 x 925 mm
  • 2,500 x 615 mm
  • 2,510 x 635 mm

Please refer to our Raw Board Product Finder for details of the formats available for each individual particleboard type.


Find out all you need to know about chipboard for storage in our brochure, which provides a comprehensive overview of our products and how they can be used.

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