The decorative panel with optimised raw material concept

When it comes to sustainability, Pfleiderer sets itself ambitious goals. With
OrganicBoard P2, we now offer a double-sided melamine-coated decorative board with a uniquely future-oriented raw material concept.

Particularly ecological

Particularly low emission

Variety of decors and / or textures

Easy care


Food harmless

New standards for the replacement of fossil raw materials

By using approx. 50 % OrganicGlue with a biogenic formulation, the use of fossil resources in production can be reduced by over 30 %. OrganicBoard P2 actively contributes to climate protection.


  • Innovative, biogenic glue system OrganicGlue 
  • > 30 % reduction use of fossil resources
  • Resource-saving and sustainable wood mix with FSC or PEFC certification on request/inquiry
  • Uncompromising quality, reliable workability
  • Available in the decor and structure variety of the EXPRESS collection

Facing the future

OrganicGlue is made from biogenic, renewable raw materials that are by-products of other industries. This is a decisive contribution to greater sustainability, conserves fossil resources and largely decouples production from the supply situation for natural gas and urea. from the supply situation for natural gas and urea.

Sustainable at Pfleiderer: From theory to practice

With the development of OrganicBoard P2, Pfleiderer shows how the objectives of a sustainability strategy can be turned into concrete solutions in a short time. With a precise analysis of the decisive factors for the carbon footprint of a decorative board, a suitable, innovative raw material concept and - this is important for us as a traditional manufacturer of wood-based materials - uncompromisingly high quality that our partners can rely on!


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