Decorative fire rated boards for furniture and interior fitting

Our wide range of fire rated boards for furniture and interiors offers architects and planners full certification and planning security without the sacrifice of creative freedom. With attractive decors and surface textures, mineral fireproof panels and materials based on the sustainable raw material wood offer scope for sophisticated designs and real fire protection solutions from restaurants and retail outlets to schools, sports centres and everything in between.

Raw chipboards for structural fire protection

Beyond the decorative aspects, fire rated boards have an important role to play. Whether full-size or tongue-and-groove, our flame-retardant wood-based panel, PremiumBoard Pyroex, provides the ideal base for interior panelling and other similar applications - uncompromisingly easy to work with, offering added safety in the event of a fire and, if required, available in PEFC or FSC-certified versions.

Robust fire rated boards for outdoor use

To ensure that the aesthetics of a building are not compromised by fire prevention and safety requirements, Pfleiderer offers UV and weather resistant fire rated boards designed for exterior use. Façade cladding, balconies, roof soffits, outdoor furniture are just a few examples of applications that can be produced with our highly decorative compact laminates.

IMO approved panels for ship interiors

Whether it is a cruise liner, yacht or offshore platform, special fire protection standards are required for marine applications. Pfleiderer offers fire protection boards that meet the standards of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and are recommended for use in maritime interiors. These decorative materials offer many advantages - easy to clean, robust and with antimicrobial properties as standard.

Fire safety with design freedom

Proven materials are the basis for fire safety in interior and exterior design. Thanks to Pfleiderer's DST System you can meet all fire regulations without having to compromise your design. Due to an almost unlimited flexibility in terms of the decor, texture and material combinations, we offer countless options for fire prevention areas. Integrate Pfleiderer's approved fire rated boards into your design concept, and benefit from the wide choice of materials for safe solutions across all trades such as doors, fitted furniture, wall panelling or façades and balustrades.

Tested and approved – our fire rated boards

As a manufacturer of fire rated boards, it is important that we offer planning reliability and help you with your fire protection concepts. Our fire prevention range for buildings and maritime interiors offers construction products whose suitability has been tested and accordingly documented with certificates and declarations of performance that meet the approval standards.


Whether in public or commercial buildings, safety is the top priority and fire prevention is an important issue. Furniture components with proven fire behavior offer ready-made solutions for decorative fire protection in furniture and interior design.

With the combination of our flame-retardant fire rated board DecoBoard Pyroex and the REHAU RAUKANTEX FP edge band, you are playing it safe: The edged boards meet the important fire protection requirements in Europe with fire rating class B-s2, d0 and are suitable for furniture, fixtures and wall coverings.


  • Freedom of design with a wide range of decors, textures and formats to choose from
  • Easy processing of all components
  • Proven flame-retardant classification, even with thicker edgings

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Certified safety

The furniture component made of DecoBoard Pyroex and RAUKANTEX FP has been certified as B-s2, d0, flame-retardant according to EN 13501-1 for the entire thickness range of 8 - 38 mm.

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Clever edge solution

Edge solutions that are very difficult to process are often used in fire protection areas. Alternatively, thin edge bands are chosen because they are considered a non-substantial component.

In contrast, Rehau’s RAUKANTEX FP product range offers a number of advantages: The ABS edging is easy to process, halogen-free, enables safety radii and also meets fire protection requirements.

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Fire rated boards in use – our reference projects

FAQ – frequently asked questions about fire rated boards

What are fire rated boards?

Fire rated boards are construction products that are used within the scope of fire prevention at the building stage to prevent fires and to prevent the spreading of fires.

Fire rated boards are categorised according to their reaction to fire. They are essentially divided into non-combustible and flame retardant boards. Their reaction to fire is rated according to the Europe-wide standards EN 13501-1. Learn more about the exact categories of the fire rated boards in the Pfleiderer range in the brochure linked.

By the way: The family of fire rated boards also includes fire resistant and fireproof boards which are usually mineral based.

Which fire rated boards do Pfleiderer recommend for fire prevention in buildings?

Fire rated boards that come with valid certificates and approvals are an essential part of sound fire protection concepts. The materials used are subject to strict standards, especially those used in public buildings and meeting places.

Boards used for structural fire protection are separated into various categories:

What are the fire ratings for construction products?

Fire ratings are used to classify construction products according to their flammability and combustibility.The European standard EN 13501-1 distinguishes between the classes A to F, separating non-combustible, flame retardant, normally flammable and easily flammable materials. Also relevant to classification are the abbreviations s (smoke) and d (droplets).

Pfleiderer's range of fire rated boards are classified A2, B and C depending on the material and product configuration. Please refer to the fire protection brochure linked below for further details.

More information on Pfleiderer's fire protection range

Our fire protection brochure provides more detailed information about Pfleiderer's fire rated boards and the design options they offer. It also includes an overview of the European classification of construction materials according to their fire behaviour and a glossary of terms relating to structural fire protection.

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