Fire protection in furniture and interior design

With our wide range of fire-safety products, we offer architects and planners not only planning reliability but also plenty of design scope.

Duropal HPL Pyroex

符合EN 438-3:HGF/VGF阻燃质量的装饰性高压层压板标准的,具有坚固的三聚氰胺树脂表面,背面已砂磨。

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Duropal flameprotect compact

符合EN 13501-1,主要以矿物成分组成的非易燃性防火板,同质白芯基材及双面装饰性三聚氰胺树脂表面

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DecoBoard Pyroex


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Duropal 元素 Pyroex

刨花板芯的阻燃扁平粘结元素,具有改进的阻燃性,两面都有Duropal HPL Pyroex.

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Raw panels as the basis for your fire protection project

Fire protection also plays an important role away from decorative worlds. Our flame-retardant raw board offers the best basis for this.

PremiumBoard Pyroex


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Fire protection in outdoor applications

Fire protection also plays a major role in outdoor areas and brings with it a wide range of requirements. Our products can be characterised by their high quality and the many product characteristics e.g. as facade, garden furniture, privacy screens, roof undersides, balconies or playground equipment.

Duropal XTerior compact F - 单面涂漆

紧凑型高压层压材料,根据 EN 438-6:EDF 适用作户外阻燃品质应用/根据 EN 438-6:EGF 适用作密集型装饰。在上方和背面装饰三聚氰胺树脂表面上均匀的黑色型芯和单面装饰丙烯酸漆面漆。

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