For thousands of years, wood has given people warmth and comfort. Wood connects us directly with nature. Wood is a valuable and reusable resource at the same time. Wood has always been the DNA of our company. And we have learned a lot from wood for our business philosophy: That one must cherish and care for one's resources in order to achieve a long-term high-quality yield. And that slow, healthy growth is better than striving for quick, short-term success.

Since its beginnings more than 125 years ago, Pfleiderer has attached great importance to sustainable corporate management and development – from ecological and economic as well as social points of view. We take our responsibility very seriously – towards all of our employees.
Towards the society in which we operate. And towards the environment that forms the basis of our existence. Careful management, the thorough use of resources and the protection of the environment and climate determine our corporate strategies just as much as the continuous advancement of the employees and the partnership-based cooperation with our stakeholders.

We always act sustainably, performance-oriented, and transparent. Integrity, fairness and diversity are integral parts of our corporate culture. Sustainability has become a key success factor in the market today. At Pfleiderer, however, sustainable processes have always been anchored in all areas and locations. Nevertheless, we are aware that sustainable action requires continuous optimization. Take a look at the present Sustainability Report as a review  of what we have already achieved. In the coming months and years, however, we will continue to strive to make our company even more sustainable – for our customers, our employees, our environment and, last but not least, for our entire community.

This Sustainability Report, which we hereby present to you, provides information on all the main aspects of the sustainability strategy of Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH and its affiliates. The data and key figures presented cover our business activities in the period from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. In deviating cases, the data periods are shown accordingly.

October 2020

The Pfleiderer sustainability report

You can download our detailed sustainability report here:

Sustainability report.pdf

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