To protect our climate and our environment, the responsible use of resources is more important today than ever and more and more projects are focused on sustainability. With OrganicBoard P2 and OrganicBoard Pure P2, Pfleiderer offers you a unique resource-saving decorative chipboard with a regenerative raw material concept of sustainable wood mix and biogenic glueing.

OrganicBoard – solutions contributing to climate protection

New standards for the replacement of fossil raw materials


With the development of OrganicBoard, Pfleiderer shows how concrete solutions emerge from the goals of our sustainability strategy: Precisely analysing the decisive factors in the production of a decorative chipboard, an innovative raw material concept was conceived  - As a traditional manufacturer of wood-based materials, we’ve achieved this innovation without compromising our high quality, which our partners rely on!

OrganicGlue: The sustainable, biogenic glue system

OrganicGlue is made from biogenic raw materials that are produced in industries other than coupling products. This is a decisive contribution to more sustainability, conserves fossil resources and largely decouples production from the supply of natural gas and urea.

Wood recycling: conserving valuable resources

With its durability and sensible recycling, wood offers the ideal conditions for an effective circular economy system. OrganicBoard Pure P2 plays a pioneering role here: With innovative manufacturing technologies and sophisticated recycling management, we succeed in producing a panel of the highest quality with 100% recycled wood. In this way, the CO2 stored in the wood remains bound longer and actively contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the protection of the climate.


In comparison: OrganicBoard P2 and OrganicBoard Pure P2

Decorative chipboard for furniture and interior design setting new standards with their natural and regenerative raw material concept when changing tracks from fossil to biogenic recipes:

OrganicBoard P2OrganicBoard Pure P2
  • ca. 50% recycled wood
  • 50% OrganicGlue
  • Conservation of fossil resources
  • Formaldehyde reduced resins
  • Blue Angel
  • 100% Recycled wood
  • 100% OrganicGlue
  • Maximum conservation of fossil resources
  • Formaldehyde free resins
  • Blue Angel
  • F****



Quality meets sustainability


With innovative products, Pfleiderer makes an important contribution to ensuring that future-oriented concepts in residential properties and commercial construction can be implemented reliably and ecologically. Thus OrganicBoard, which features a decorative surface on both sides, uniquely meets requirements for ecology and resource conservation, while at the same time offering all the prerequisites for design and successful project realisation:


  • Exceptionally ecological with low-emission
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Easy to clean and food safe
  • Easy and reliable to process

Naturally decorative: design with OrganicBoard

When it comes to creating liveable interiors, you can also rely on OrganicBoard in terms of design: available in the decor and texture variety of the Pfleiderer EXPRESS collection with fascinatingly realistic wood and material decors as well as a brilliant plain range, there are no limits to inspiring design. What's more, for consistent concepts, OrganicBoard can be combined with Pfleiderer's DST system to coordinate the same design and structure with other products, such as Pfleiderer's high-pressure laminates and bonded boards. Use OrganicBoard in many ways.

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OrganicBoard versatile application

With its excellent properties, OrganicBoard products opens up new perspectives for sustainable and ecologically conscious furniture and interior fitting. In this way, progressive room concepts can be implemented wherever you want. For example



A host of certification validate the environmental friendliness of our decorative chipboard produced with renewable and organic raw materials. Pfleiderer’s consistent commitment to the circular economy is reenforced by the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ label: OrganicBoard Pure P2 meets the requirements of one of the strictest certification systems worldwide - and sets standards in material health.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about OrganicBoard

What is OrganicBoard?

Pfleiderer OrganicBoard is an exceptional ecological decorative panel utilising a unique innovative, regenerative raw material concept that actively contributes to climate protection.

  • The use of fossil resources in production is significantly reduced by the use of the biogenic binder OrganicGlue.
  • Through the circular economy, the multiple use of wood material and natural resources are conserved and the carbon stored in the wood is bound for longer periods.

Decorative panels for furniture and interior design also score with a comprehensive decor and structure choices, which can be combined with other products in the Pfleiderer DST-system. Matching designs and structure are available with FSC or PEFC certification on request. Last but not least, OrganicBoard is characterised by reliable quality "Made in Germany".

What is the difference between OrganicBoard and other melamine resin boards?

The particular environmentally friendly raw materials used for OrganicBoard make the difference: With the natural and regenerative raw material concept of biogenic glue and sustainable wood mix, decorative chipboard for furniture and interior fitting reach new standards of sustainability and climate protection.

In addition to its ecological and design advantages, OrganicBoard - like conventional melamine faced boards - are easy to maintain and antimicrobial. Similarly there are also no restrictions in their technical characteristics, and are processed and fabricated exactly the same way to the our standard decorative panel products.

How do OrganicBoard P2 and OrganicBoard Pure P2 differ?

The melamine-coated decorative chipboard OrganicBoard P2 and OrganicBoard Pure P2 from Pfleiderer are characterised by their natural and regenerative raw material concept. The difference lies in the proportion of the biogenic glue system OrganicGlue as well as the recycled wood content and thus in the CO2 balance of the two products.

OrganicBoard Pure P2 at a glance:

  • Wood-based material supports made of 100% post-consumer recycled wood and 100% biogenic, formaldehyde-free gluing
  • Maximum conservation of fossil resources

OrganicBoard P2 at a glance:

  • Wood-based material carrier with approx. 50% recycled wood content, formaldehyde reduced glued with 50% biogenic binder
  • Conservation of fossil resources

What sizes is OrganicBoard available?

OrganicBoard from Pfleiderer is available in low-cut formats, so that you can make optimal use of the material and avoid waste. This guarantees you an economical and at the same time sustainable solution.

OrganicBoard Pure P2 

  • 2800 x 2100 mm
  • 5600 x 2100 mm

OrganicBoard P2​​​​​​​

  • 2655 x 2100 mm
  • 5310 x 2100 mm

For individual and flexible solutions in the interior design of residential and commercial buildings and furniture construction, Pfleiderer offers a thickness range of 8 to 25 millimetres as standard with OrganicBoard. Other variants are available on request.


Reduce the carbon footprint with renewable raw materials? - Get a comprehensive overview of the sustainable raw material concept of our decorative panels as well as details about our OrganicBoard products.

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