Our colour schemes – decors from plain to stone

Draw upon an unlimited resources – our colour schemes give you inspiration, orientation and above everything else: choice! Whether plain decors or a creative, material, wood or stone decor – you will find whatever you are looking for here.

Plain shades: Pfleiderer decors from neutral to coloured

With our plain coloured decors, you can precisely coordinate any colour concept for your project. The fine tonal nuances in colourful or muted shades open up design freedom and subtle gradations in project design.

Wood reproductions: Wood grains from Nordic light to classic dark

Wood grains provide interiors a pleasant atmosphere. Create a special feeling with the diversity of our woods. Pfleiderer wood grains offer perfect impression of their natural origin.

Material and stone reproductions: an exciting mix of authentic decors

Particular materials add interest to a project and make it unique. Discover reproductions of copper, textile, concrete or terrazzo. Real stone such as marble and granite are the materials all visually impressive decors. Whether modern, conventional or timeless, choose from different styles, nuances and structures.

Beauty is more than skin deep: Combine decors flexibly thanks to the DST system

Enjoy the wide choice offered by Pfleiderer’s product range in full – our DST system unites look, feel and engineering making it possible to combine decors, decors textures and core materials with almost unlimited flexibility.


  • It allows you to create the perfect basis for matching decor solutions for all trades – regardless of whether the elements will be installed horizontally, vertically, play a functional or a load-bearing role or are purely decorative.
  • Flexible material selection, choices incorporate particleboards, fibreboards, compact boards or composite materials.
  • Integrate added value solutions for fire protection, antimicrobial surfaces, moisture resistance or sustainable building.
  • For interior design inhousing as well as in non-housing construction.

Combine decors with the Room Designer

Use our Room Designer, so that you can visualise your project instantly, and test the effect of the decors. Add furniture, worktops, wall coverings, doors or other room elements with your decor selection in a variety of room situations and bring your design to life. You can also match the colours and patterns of different decors with each other.

To the Room Designer

Tip: You are out and about and have discovered a piece of furniture in precisely the colour you want? Use the Pfleiderer work app to find the right decors in the same shade and to order a real sample directly.

To the Work app

Designing with decors – our case studies

Frequently asked questions about Pfleiderer decors

Which decors are available?

The decor surfaces available for our decorative wood-based panels are realistic wood and stone effects, material reproductions, imaginative graphic designs or chromatic and neutral plain colours. The decors are characterised by high colour and light fastness as well as a constant quality. Decors are the basis for coherent colour concepts in interior design as well as in façade design.

Which wood-based materials are available with decor?

All decorative panels are available with a decorative surface finish – whether

A unique choice of decors are available to you in the Pfleiderer collections.

For truly distinctive furniture and interior fitting, state-of-the-art digital printing technology can also be used to implement photos, illustrations, logos and any other reproducible format as a high-quality decor.

Which areas of use can be designed with Pfleiderer decors?

Decorative panels are used in all conceivable applications. Because the diversity of the decors offers architects, the furniture industry and installers, almost limitless possibilities for realising their design visions.

Decor surfaces are not only used in furniture and interior fitting, but also in new build and the renovation of non-housing buildings in the

and even for façades and balconies and outdoor furniture - numerous decors of the Pfleiderer design collection are available for these applications.

How can decors be used for design concepts?

Good design concepts are the basis of every successful project. Who doesn’t wish for maximum design freedom and product security? This is where the Pfleiderer DST system plays to its major strengths: In the Decor Finder you will discover the diversity of the Pfleiderer collection, offering an extensive choice and great combination options for coordinated shades of colour and decors. Design consistency across the different board materials and substrates providing a harmonious overall design and technical concept, with the posibility to combine Pfleiderer products indoors and outdoors with identical decors.

How do I find the right decors for my project?

Pfleiderer offers you a range of tools that makes the task easier helping you select, design, plan, visualise and impliment your projects.

Create individual decor collages in the Room Designer or combine decors in a range of different digital room situations – so you can envisage your design options in a host of commecial and domestic environments.

If you’re looking to experiment with the right decors for your colour concept, you can use our Moodboard Tool for inspiration: load your own images into the Moodboard Tool and the suggested decors will be displayed  from the Pfleiderer portfolio.

The quickest and most effective way to get help in your decor search is to use the Pfleiderer Decor Finder. In a few simple steps you’ll have your perfect decor selection and have the decors sent to you as real samples. Or order the current collection cards in our Sample Shop.

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