Image files of decors

Pfleiderer wood-based materials are available in an almost infinite variety of designs. The basis for this is provided by our unique decors. Draw from the full - our collections give you inspiration, orientation and above all one thing: choice!

Sorted by collection, you will find here the image data for all our decors.

The detailed views 100 x 100 mm show a typical section of the decor and are perfectly suited for pre-selection and integration into your collections and catalogues.
In addition, we provide you with ridge-free reports in the original dimensions 1270 x 1270 mm for downloading - directly usable as design in your CAD and visualisation software.

By clicking on the title of the respective collection, you can download the zip file. Packaged in this zip file you will find the JPG files of all the decor images belonging to the collection.

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