Areas of application

Furniture and interior fitting

Product features

High brilliance
Easy care
Easy to use and machine
Particularly low emission

Additional description

New standards in high quality lacquered surfaces: Fine, but robust: With PrimeBoard, Pfleiderer presents a wood-based panel, which combines an attractive painted look, optimum workability and high durability.

Whether PrimeBoard XTreme Matt or PrimeBoard XTreme High Gloss: Its innovative multi-coating technology makes it particularly easy to clean and permanently withstands high stresses. Integrated in our colour match range, the new lacquered surface allows for versatile and flexible use with perfect combinations while ensuring long-lasting colour stability. PrimeBoard also stands out due to its excellent machinability.

Areas of application

Shop design / product presentation, exclusive interior and project fixtures and fittings, living room and bedroom furniture / sliding doors, bathroom furniture and kitchen fronts.


FSC® quality available

The FSC trademarks on wood and wood products stand for transparency and credibility worldwide. They ensure that people and nature are treated fairly and responsibly and can be found on a constantly growing range of products worldwide.

PEFC™ quality available

PEFC is the largest institution for ensuring and marketing sustainable forest management through an independent certification system. Wood and wood products with the PEFC seal originate demonstrably from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry.


Product section


Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Textures
2,800 2,100 10 | 16 | 19 | 25 XG | XT

Available surface textures

Product features

Core material

  • StyleBoard MDF black
  • Decorative black colour through-pigmented medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to EN 622-1, with uniform structure.

Reaction to fire

  • D-s2,d0 according to EN 13986 dependent on end use (Thickness: ≥ 9 mm / Gross density: ≥ 600 kg/m³)

Formaldehyde emission class

  • E1 E05
  • Requirements according to "CARB Phase 2" and "TSCA Title VI" are fulfilled

Product safety

  • This product follows the REACH regulation EC 1907/2006 an article. Following Article 7 it does not need to be registered.


  • The lacquering can be applied on one or both sides.
  • With 1-sided lacquering, the reverse is raw / untreated.
  • Stock: 2,800x2,100x19 mm XT on both sides
  • Surface defects must not have a detrimental effect. Defects not larger than 1.0 mm² and detected from an observation distance of 0.7 m and a viewing angle of about 30° during the evaluation of the surface are permissible.
    Max. 1 fault per m² is permissible.
    The total number of defects allowed per board may be concentrated in one area or split across several defects.
  • PrimeBoard is supplied chamfered on all sides. Before further processing a trimming cut is necessary.

Product handling


  • Can be worked with carbide tipped tools on conventional woodworking machines.


  • Thick and thin edges are suitable.
  • EVA and PUR hotmelts are recommended for edge adhesion.

Fitting technology

  • All conventional removable and non-removable fittings for solid wood and wood materials are suitable.

Installation and assembly

  • Sufficient conditioning is required prior to installation and assembly. The premises themselves need to be at the normal climatic conditions in which the material will later be used.
  • Please ensure that the material is processed and fitted correctly and using the best available technology.

Storage, handling and transport

  • On level, full area surfaces (e.g. pallets), protected against moisture, in dry, ventilated rooms. Outdoor storage is not suitable.
  • Please note that incorrect storage, regardless of its duration, may cause irreversible distortion to the sheets.
  • Foreign bodies or impurities in the pallet of sheets can lead to impressions and damage to the surface of the board.
  • Ensure that sufficiently large and sturdy bases, e.g. pallets, are used for the transportation of stacked sheets. The sheets on the pallet must be secured against slipping.
  • Sheets / boards must not be moved against each other; they should be moved individually by hand or with suction equipment.
  • To protect the high-quality surface Pfleiderer delivers these surface textures with a protective foil. The protective foil must be removed as soon as possible after processing - but at the latest within 6 months after delivery - to ensure residue-free removal of the foil. In addition, foiled boards must not be exposed to direct sunlight (UV radiation).
  • Due to the use of a natural wood-based material, the appearance of the panel can vary. Such deviations are due to the desired character of the product. As is usual with natural products, each board is unique.

Health and safety

  • Please wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when processing and handling.

Cleaning and care

  • The surface can be cleaned with water and gentle cleaning agents.
  • The use of cleaning products, cloths, sponges with abrasive ingredients, should be avoided.
  • For removal of particularly stubborn stains, industrial cleaners suitable for plastic surfaces can be used. Before use we would recommend testing in a small, hidden area.


  • PrimeBoard is classified in waste wood class A2. The known disposal regulations regarding material and energy recovery apply.

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