The Dresden-Tolkewitz School is now a modern building with excellent conditions for teaching, for which a new sports hall complex was built. Through the use of high-quality products from Pfleiderer, the school building was given an attractive design with colourful accents. In addition, the high durability and easy cleaning of the Duropal HPL product used ensure that the premises will be preserved for pupils and teachers for a long time to come. Since the inauguration ceremony in 2018, the pupils have been learning and romping in the new building and can enjoy the optimum conditions offered by the school building. With these pictures you would like to be a pupil again!

At a glance

Planner/Architect: ARGE DD-TOL, AB Raum und Bau GmbH + AB Fuchs und Rudolph + AG Zimmermann

Photographer: ©Oliver Heinl www.heinl-foto.de

Products used: HPL

Dekors used: U16010 Orange, U17054 Burgund, U17031 Bordeaux, U17019 Cranberry, U17027 Weinrot, U17008 Rubinrot, U17225 Signalrot, U18004 Dunkelblau, U18059 Enzianblau, U18068 Himmelblau, U18001 Himmelblau, U17141 Orchidea, U17503 Lila

Project consultant: Volker Niepel