From design to completed project, every step counts. After all, designs are only really appealing if they can also be realised. By choosing Pfleiderer, you're off to the right start, as our wood-based panels unlock new perspectives; in aesthetic, functional and design terms.

From idea to realisation

In our 2021–2024 collection, we introduce you to our extensive product range designed to make you more successful. Stylish, expressive and modern decors, innovative surface textures and core panels all come together perfectly to meet your technical, cost and user requirements. From high quality individual items to sector spanning concepts – Pfleiderer can turn your visions into reality with practical, high quality solutions.  This is what we mean when we say MAKE YOUR VISIONS WORK.

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Exactly what you need. Everywhere

Every industry sector follows its own rules – including the type of wood-based panels that must be used. If they are to represent genuine added value, their aesthetics, workability and functionality must be just right. It is precisely this realisation that has had a decisive influence on the development of our 2021–2024 collection. We present sector-specific product collections and material solutions, enabling you to overcome your particular challenges in any area – from furniture- and interior fitting to outdoor applications and constructive building.

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Furniture- and interior fitting

Outdoor applications

Constructive building

Functional down to the last detail

Exceptional design goes far beyond the look of an object. The way it feels to the touch also plays an important role in making such high quality tangible. Pfleiderer's functional XTreme surface finish raises the bar in this respect: it combines a velvety, super-matt look and a choice of stylish decors with a wide range of different technical properties in a way that is simply unparalleled. It is also absolutely suitable for everyday use thanks to our anti-fingerprint effect and outstanding wear and tear resistance. Our XTreme surface finish is available as:

High pressure laminate

Compact panel

PrimeBoard XTreme

Duropal XTerior compact

It is even available for outdoor use on highly UV-resistant and weather-resistant panels. This makes it possible for you to realise super-matt design concepts wherever and however you like. An additional surface is available for PrimeBoard XTreme: XTreme High-Gloss, the perfect mirror finish for vertical applications.

More than materials: services that bring you one step further

The more complex a project, the more important qualified support becomes. On the way to the perfect result, Pfleiderer offers its partners an extensive range of services that go far beyond the supply of products; we aim to offer you competent advice, extremely detailed information and useful tools that help you to achieve a high-quality overall solution. Within the scope of our 2021–2024 collection launch, we have reviewed our services – and have provided numerous additional themed brochures, even more comprehensive technical specifications, real samples and digital services.

Pfleiderer WorkApp – Decor identification and combination

MoodBoard tool – Find your decor range

Product finder – The perfect choice of materials in just a few steps

3D Viewer – Experience finishes and depths visually online

RoomDesigner – Design of room sets

BIM data – Data sets for over 60 products available directly online

Have a look at the digital services section at and familiarise yourself with our new service offer!

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