Bye-Bye 2022, Welcome 2023 - Merry Christmas and happy new year wishes from Pfleiderer

Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.“ This quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery aptly sums up how 2022 has shaped up for Pfleiderer. Despite all the uncertainties, we have achieved a great deal and consistently developed further - for our partners, our employees and our society as a whole. In our review of the year, we would like to highlight selected events of the past twelve months and take stock - in doing so, it becomes clear how many positive impulses we have been able to set!

The year 2022 in fast forward

Finally we can live again

Even if it was still uncertain at the beginning of the year: 2022 marks - at least in part - the return to personal contact. At the Inspiration Days, we were able to present the latest trends in exciting exchanges with our industry partners. A new, particularly spatial exhibition concept made the slogan "MAKE YOUR VISIONS WORK" even more tangible.

Our Inspiration Days in the UK were also extremely successful. At the Material Source Studio in Manchester, our partners had the opportunity to explore the current collection and new decor trends in personal presentations and workshops.

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Also present again, albeit with a date shift to the summer: Holz-Handwerk 2022 in Nuremberg. For many partners from the trade in southern Germany, this was the first real opportunity to experience the 2021-2024 collection live. Our team was pleased to see the great interest on site, and for all those who stayed at home, there was multimedia coverage on our social media channels.

Constructive impulses

The quest for more sustainability is changing our world as we have never seen before. Particularly in the construction industry which offers great potential for making our future a better place to live. As a manufacturer of sustainable wood-based materials, Pfleiderer is opening up many new possibilities for making construction more future-proof and climate-friendly. There in itself is reason enough to bundle together even more systematically the topic of timber construction and our extensive portfolio and to prepare it in a communicative way for our partners. We use concrete components to show where Pfleiderer materials offer advantages over conventional solutions. Implemented in classic brochures, a web special and an interactive construction guide that quickly and reliably leads planners and contractors to the right product or solution.

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With Pfleiderer Experts, we have also created a format in which we present partners in the timber construction sector and their innovative projects. A first reference is already online with the new secondary school in Braunschweig, others are being planned and will be published on a regular basis.

Even more digital

To make it even easier for our partners to work with us, we have also further expanded our digital services. Since the beginning of the year, the Pfleiderer Room Designer has been available with a new range of functions: here, all collection decors can be freely used in a total of 24 room situations via an intuitive user interface. Perfectly suited for inspiration or to give clients a first impression. Intelligent filter functions and selection menus facilitate orientation within individual styles and decor groups, so that rooms can be stylishly designed down to individual furniture surfaces in no time at all. For practical implementation, individual designs can be saved via a watch list - naturally including a list of all the decors used.

Another digital innovation of 2022 is similarly practical but even more tangible: the Pfleiderer Construction Guide was also launched as part of the 2022 timber construction campaign. It shows step by step how DIN-standardised components for ceilings, walls and roofs can be constructed from our solutions - including sectional drawings and building physics data. This makes it even more convenient for our partners to use the constructive and sustainable advantages of our materials in their projects.

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Innovative at product level

The basis for the added value that Pfleiderer offers its customers is also visible by new products in 2022! With Duropal XTreme Touch, for example, we have launched a further development of the FunXTional products on the market, which combines a super matt surface feel with a previously unattained natural wood or stone structure - in a quality suitable for horizontal application. The haptic experience of Duropal XTreme Touch is available as HPL, as an HPL composite element and as a worktop. For unlimited design freedom in kitchens, furniture, interior fittings and on doors.

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We prove that sustainability is more than just a concept for us with another innovation that reached the market in 2022: with OrganicBoard P2, we show that we are ready for the future. The decorative board, melamine-coated on both sides, is characterised by a unique raw material concept: It is manufactured with 50 % OrganicGlue - a biogenic glue. This reduces the use of fossil resources in production by over 30 %. OrganicBoard P2 has an overall optimised CO2 balance, which actively contributes to climate protection, without compromising on product quality and in the full decor and structure variety of the EXPRESS collection.

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Continuing on the road to success

Above all that we have achieved in 2022, there is one guiding principle for us: the journey is the destination. It is about taking many steps in the right direction - to make Pfleiderer more sustainable, more customer-oriented and more successful. An important proof that we are taking the right direction with our decisions is the evaluation by independent third parties. We are particularly proud of the two important awards we have received this year. In the spring, Pfleiderer immediately took third place out of a total of 135 European companies in the construction industry in the Sustainalytics ranking. We see this success as clear confirmation that our high level of commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is paying off.

Pfleiderer also received an excellent rating from Ecovadis - one of the world's leading independent providers of sustainability rankings: in comparison with more than 90,000 other companies from over 160 countries and more than 200 industries, we have already achieved a position among the top 4%. This means we have improved from a silver to a gold rating - and feel spurred on to continue our successful course through targeted measures. For example, by 2025 we will increase the share of recycled wood in production to 50% and reduce CO2 emissions by 21% (compared to 2020).

You can find out more about our self-image as a naturally sustainable company on our website . Here you can also see our 2022 self-commitment published in our ESG framework in all its details – showing what we will be focusing on in the years to come!

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Looking to the future

Those who want to move a lot need conviction, strength and above all: teamwork. At the end of this year, we would therefore like to thank all our partners and staff. Thank you for your commitment, your openness and your trust! We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones and all the best for 2023!

Your Pfleiderer Team