Schattdecor and Pfleiderer offer tomorrow's trends

Selected premium wood decors are one of our passions. By cooperating with Schattdecor, our customers benefit from the expertise of both surface specialists - through modern designs for exceptionally authentic surface finishes.

By continuously expanding its product range, Schattdecor has developed from a decor printing company to an innovative surface specialist. The company's high-quality products and excellent advice on current designs and market trends are just as inspiring. These characteristics fit in well with Pfleiderer's values as a leading manufacturer of engineered wood in Europe and create the basis for a fruitful cooperation. The two partners use their many years of specialist and design expertise to create innovative products and solutions that are convincing all along the line - with wood, stone and fantasy decors.

With its creative designs, Schattdecor is also able to convince and inspire us as a manufacturer of wood-based materials time and again. That is why the authentic and creative designs have been part of our decor ranges for decades. In addition to numerous other decors, they include eight decor highlights, which we invite you to discover.



The furniture decor lives from its fine structure, the predominantly stripy overall appearance and a gentle play of colours. Narrow planks, dark pores and at the same time a discreetly limed wood fibre structure with slightly cut, flowery areas are typical for the oak decor.

Discover more about Wilton Oak White (R20284) and Wilton Oak Reed (R20285)


This consumer elm wood structure is predominantly striped and shows few cut flowers. The fine pores and the simple pattern of the annual rings convey a calm overall picture. Salisbury Elm can be used very well for furniture surfaces and looks very elegant and classic.

Discover more about Salisbury Elm Natural (R37016) and Salisbury Elm Grey (R37017)


This American walnut material shows some cut, flowery areas and can also be described as discreetly rustic with regard to the pore pattern. The planks are not too strongly accentuated, so the overall appearance remains quite even.

Discover more about Okapi Walnut (R30135).


Very natural material with many details that are typical for this wood. The irregular planking shows floral cuttings, striped areas with fine annual rings and small knots. A commercial furniture decor with universal use.

Discover more about Norway Maple (R27044).

WILLOW WHITE (R55072)          

The vivid pattern of rotary cut veneer is currently an interesting decorative element in interior design. Willow White shows the typical fibre structures of peeled veneer sheets and offers a generous overall appearance with the allover grain.

Discover more about Willow White (R55072).