Object of the month October 2021

Due to the increasing demand for school spots, the City of Vienna is expanding the offer and the highest priority here is given to all-day elementary schools. The new school was built directly adjoining the Open Elementary School Erlaaer Schleife, which has existed since 1964, and is connected to it without any barriers.

However, this new building offers not only ordinary classrooms but also a creative area (workrooms, library), a sports area (standard gymnastic hall, gymnastics room), a dining area (incl. warm-up kitchen) and 4 free classes.

Pfleiderer's creative Individual products with hard-wearing surface material give the school building a cheerful design with colorful highlights.

This year, too, 20 classes are running through the school building since September. True to the motto, "Today is a wonderful day to learn something new!"

At a glance


© Schreyer David

Products used:Individual
Decors used:Individual
Project consultant:Robert Köllner


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