The all-rounder – from decorative to construction

The melamine faced board is the typical material for everything decorative and wooden found in today’s interior. But it is also used in technical areas such as storage technology and formwork construction For good reason: DecoBoard is as versatile and individual as no other Pfleiderer product. Discover the wide range of applications and designs possible with Pfleiderer's melamine faced panels.

Good reasons for melamine faced boards

Multitalented for smart solutions

Melamine faced boards are far more than a decorative material. With a perfect mixture of attractive design options and well thought-out functions, Pfleiderer DecoBoard ensures that room concepts can be implemented economically, healthily and in the highest quality.

Choose innovative features to ensure the melamine faced panel of your choice meets your needs:

You can also take advantage of special qualities, for example for constructive purposes, in storage technology or in formwork construction:

DecoBoard: the name says it all

Pfleiderer offers the right designs for furniture and fixtures that will remain aesthetically pleasing for many years to come. Available in the DST system, melamine faced boards are characterised by an inspiring variety: over 280 brilliant decors and corresponding textured surfaces, from matt to high-gloss through to extremely realistic wood pores are available. What more, our DecoBoard can be combined with other products in the DST system, such as the Pfleiderer High-pressure laminates, with the same decor and texture.

More about our DST system

Or use our innovative digital printing process to realise your own decor in the interior fittings or for furniture. Pfleiderer Individual is available as melamine faced panel from batch size one and is applied directly on different cores. Whether logos, graphic concepts or creative motifs, use your own creativity and design individual panels and bespoke room concepts.

More about Pfleiderer Individual

Solid foundation: Core materials for melamine faced panels

The true quality of an interior or piece of furniture is often only apparent at second glance. That is why Pleiderer melamine faced boards not only have the right aesthetics, but also the right inner values. The choice of core materials ranges from particleboards to multi-layered panels through to fibreboards. Discover particular material qualities with melamine facing:


Wide range of applications for melamine faced boards (MFB)

Variety in furniture and interior fitting

Thanks to different core qualities and the high-quality directly applied melamine resin, Pfleiderer DecoBoard offers virtually limitless design freedom. Because melamine faced boards are easy-care, hygienic, low-emission and can be used in a unique variety of decors and textures for furniture and fitments:


Specialists for tough operating conditions

Melamine faced boards are used in a variety of technical and construction applications due to their robust properties. For example as


Pfleiderer DecoBoard, with its heavy duty core material and special melamine facings, exceeds the leading requirements in terms of strength, moisture resistance and surface quality - for optimum results and long-lasting functionality.

Thinking further - sustainable, healthy melamine faced panels

In addition to aesthetics, quality and durability, it is part of Pfleiderer´s philosophy to attach the greatest possible importance to ecology and healthy living: with raw materials from the circular economy and certified low-emission products. With us as the manufacturer, you can thus draw upon a wide range of melamine faced chipboards (MFC) and melamine faced MDF – for solutions without compromising on ecology and sustainability.

Melamine faced boards in use – our references

FAQ – frequently asked questions about melamine faced boards

What are melamine faced boards?

Melamine faced boards are wood-based panels with melamine facing on both sides. This consists of a decorative paper layer, the decor paper, which is impregnated with synthetic resin and applied directly to the face of the board under heat and pressure. The facing can consist of multiple layers of paper for special qualities. In addition to the decor paper, transparent overlay papers and underlay papers can then be used.

As the manufacturer, Pfleiderer produces and tests its direct-faced boards according to the relevant European standards, EN 14322 and EN 14323. These define the product properties and test methods for melamine faced chipboards (MFC) and melamine faced MDF – as they are named in the standard.

The Pfleiderer range includes melamine faced boards with a wide range of usage and properties for furniture and interior fitting as well as for constructive and technical applications. Our decorative boards as well as our melamine faced MDF and HDF boards are listed in the product finder for decorative boards under our brand name DecoBoard.

What are the advantages of melamine facings?

Melamine facings are visually attractive and robust. Decor papers and coordinated surface textures determine the design of the surface. Therefore, all designs and special effects are possible, which can be produced by decor or motif printing or by dying the decor paper:


  • Plain colours
  • authentic wood, stone and material reproductions
  • Imaginative patterns
  • Metallic effects

Decorative melamine surfaces are popular not only for their design freedom, but also for their outstanding material properties. They are:


  • durable
  • hygienic and food-safe
  • easy-care
  • dirt-resistant and largely scratchproof

The decor surface is also lightfast and does not change during the period of use.

What advantages does Pfleiderer offer as a manufacturer of melamine faced boards?

Pfleiderer melamine faced boards are easy and precisely to work with and thanks to different core qualities, they also offer a technical solution for special requirements and project needs. Aside from numerous surface properties, the large number of decors and textures possible at Pfleiderer is unique.

What is more the Pfleiderer DST system allows you to combine melamine faced panels with other products offered by the manufacturer that are visually identical, i.e. with the same decor and texture. All decors of the Design Collection are available as both DecoBoard P2 and Duropal HPL as standard products.

And if you need it quickly, you can access all decors from the comprehensive Pfleiderer EXPRESS Collection as DecoBoard P2 in size 2800 x 2100 x 19 mm directly ex warehouse and in other variants within 10 working days in the fast delivery programme.

What size are Pfleiderer melamine faced panels?

Pfleiderer, as a manufacturer of melamine faced panels, offers large-format particleboards, fibreboards and multi-layered composites with direct facing – for optimum use and economic solutions.

Decoboard with melamine facing is available at Pfleiderer in the standard sizes:

  • 2655 x 2100 mm
  • 2800 x 2100 mm
  • 5310 x 2100 mm
  • 5600 x 2100 mm

For furniture making and interior fittings, melamine faced panels are usually used in thicknesses 16 and 19 millimetres. However, Pfleiderer offers  melamine faced chipboards (MFC) and melamine faced MDF from 3 to 38 millimetres for individual, flexible solutions.

Are melamine faced boards (MFB) ecological and healthy?

Interior fitting and furnishing projects are increasingly focussed on sustainability and environmentally compatible solutions are required. Especially in this area, Pfleiderer can make an essential contribution with its DecoBoard products. Because the high-quality materials with their longevity this makes an active contribution to reducing impact on the environment:

Pfleiderer raw wood-based panels save valuable resources through their multistage Use of wood so-called cascade use and through wood recycling. The wood is mostly used as a material for decades and harmful carbon dioxide is sequestered long-term.

Pfleiderer DecoBoard is produced in Germany using state-of-the-art production technologies. Neither additives of halogens, heavy metals, preservatives, wood preservatives nor organic solvents are used. It goes without saying that all Pfleiderer melamine faced boards meet German and European emission standards and are frequently even below them. Low-emission melamine faced panels are particularly environmentally friendly and at the same time meet high standards for healthy living and occupational health and safety. For this reason, they have been awarded the “Blue Angel” eco label.

What alternatives to melamine faced panels are available?

If you are looking for decorative boards for furniture making and interior fittings, which you can use as an alternative to melamine faced boards without limiting the choice of decors, you've come to the right place at Pfleiderer. HPL bonded boards are an obvious choice for high impact resistance. With compact laminates, open edge solutions can be implemented in an aesthetically attractive way.



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