Break the chain of infection simply by choosing the right furniture and interior design materials. Protect high-traffic public areas or areas that have to meet special hygiene requirements. Pfleiderer offers an innovative two-level concept for this: engineered wood panels with an antimicrobial surface and engineered wood panels with a microPLUS® coating that offer even more rapid and comprehensive protection.

Antimicrobial surfaces with two protection levels

Hygiene features that meet your needs – in the fight against germs, bacteria and other microorganisms

People are more aware of hygiene and health protection than ever before. Especially in environments where infection prevention is vital, strict precautions must be taken. Antimicrobial surfaces make an important contribution to this, as they generally reduce the risk of people catching an infection through germs on surfaces.

All of Pfleiderer's health protection products, which are available with two levels of protection, depending on the respective requirements, are an excellent choice when it comes to infection prevention.


  1. Antimicrobial: The majority of our classic products, such as Duropal HPL and DecoBoard, have antimicrobial properties and reduce 99.9 percent of all surface germs within 24 hours1.
  2. Antimicrobial & antiviral: Our innovative microPLUS® surface finish, which is available additionally for selected products, provides even more rapid and comprehensive protection. It already offers antimicrobial protection after only seven hours2 – and even has an antiviral surface effect on enveloped viruses within 24 hours3!

1antimicrobial effect within 24 hours according to JIS Z 2801 /ISO 22196

2antimicrobial effect within 7h according to JIS Z 2801 /ISO 22196

3 antiviral effect against enveloped viruses within 24 hours in accordance with ISO 21702:2019, including HI virus, SARS coronavirus 1 and 2 and West Nile virus

Health protection always included: effectively antimicrobial within 24 hours

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Antimicrobial surfaces for comprehensive concepts

Hygiene thought one step further – solutions that work in practice

Pfleiderer's health protection products can make a vital contribution to already making spaces safer and more attractive in an affordable way at the design stage. With solutions that unlock flexible design options, meet all building regulation requirements and actively contribute to hygiene management with innovative antimicrobial properties.

Uncompromisingly good for all areas with high infection prevention and hygiene requirements:

Antimicrobial surfaces – not only safe, but also beautiful

Using engineered wood panels with antimicrobial surfaces for interior design elements and furniture offers a genuine added value in all high traffic areas where specific hygiene requirements must be met. Great that this does not entail compromises when it comes to the aesthetics! Due to an almost unlimited choice of stylish decors, unique textures and high-quality materials, the available range of design options is wide.

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You can also customise the design of antimicrobial surfaces: use our innovative digital printing process to realise your very own decor precisely where you would like to. Customised and safe – from interior design elements to furniture and doors.

Integrated Hygiene protection – more than just safe on the surface

Permanent protection where it is vital

Bacteria, germs and viruses on door, furniture and interior design element surfaces represent a genuine infection and health risk. Whether in the healthcare area, in the food industry or in public areas: our products with an antimicrobial finish make a vital contribution to comprehensive hygiene management and offer round-the-clock protection – also in between cleaning cycles!

Fascinatingly effective: two-level antimicrobial protection concept

All of Pfleiderer's health protection products have an antimicrobial effect, are easy to maintain and clean and can also optionally be equipped with the unique antiviral microPLUS®surface – without any compromises with regard to quality and tailor-made health protection solutions.

Benefit from the antimicrobial properties of Pfleiderer's health protection surfaces:


  • Standard surfaces that offer effective antimicrobial protection: Reduction of surface germs and bacteria within 24 hours1 (meet JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196).


  • Surfaces with additional microPLUS® finish:  Already offer antimicrobial protection after only seven hours 2 (meet JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196) and have an antiviral surface effect on enveloped viruses within 24 hours3 (meets ISO 21702:2019)

1antimicrobial effect within 24h according to JIS Z 2801 /ISO 22196

2antimicrobial effect within 7h according to JIS Z 2801 /ISO 22196

3antiviral effect against enveloped viruses within 24 hours in accordance with ISO 21702:2019, including HI virus, SARS coronavirus 1 and 2 and West Nile virus

Test method JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196

ISO 22196 is based on the Japanese testing standard JIS Z 2801; the Japanese Industrial Standards test method Z 2801 for testing plastic surfaces was developed there in 2000. In 2007, this method was adopted as the international standard ISO 22196. ISO 22196 now represents the most important internationally recognised test method for the evaluation of the antimicrobial antibacterial activity of plastic surfaces.


microPLUS® – extra protection thanks to Sanitized® Silver

The innovative microPLUS® surface sets new benchmarks in the area of health protection with the aid of engineered wood panels: thanks to the highly effective hygiene properties of Sanitized® Silver, aesthetic concepts can be realised wherever the highest level of health protection is vital.

Sanitized® Silver is an active substance based on silver that is also used in the clothing, hygiene and care product industry, for example. It is primarily appreciated due to the fact that it provides effective protection against germs and viruses, but does not harm people. Even when the surface eventually shows signs of wear and tear, the effectiveness of microPLUS® is not compromised in any way – for more health protection throughout its lifespan.

Our antimicrobial surfaces in use – reference projects

FAQ - Questions about Pfleiderer's antimicrobial surfaces

What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces?

The fundamental difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial surfaces lies in the microorganisms they are effective against:

  • antibacterial surfaces are effective against bacteria. They inhibit their growth and multiplication.
  • Compared to these, antimicrobial surfaces offer a considerably higher level of protection. They are effective against bacteria, mould fungi and even viruses. Thanks to their across-the-board effectiveness, antimicrobial surfaces are ideal for areas where hygiene is highly relevant.

How do antimicrobial surfaces work?

Surfaces people touch are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that multiply on any untreated surface in the ideal conditions and can double their number every 20 minutes. The effectiveness of antimicrobial surfaces is based on the contact of the microorganisms and viruses with the treated surface. As soon as they touch the surface, their cell walls are destroyed, and the microbes die. Thanks to this effect, antimicrobial surfaces are considerably less contaminated with germs than products without a health protection finish.

Overview of the way Pfleiderer's health protection products work: Flyer "Health protection products – antimicrobial and antiviral surfaces.

Do antimicrobial surfaces become less effective over time?

On both antimicrobial surfaces as well as microPLUS® products, the protection is firmly embedded in the product during the production process. The active antimicrobial and antiviral substances do not wash out and offer permanent protection. The effectiveness of the health protection is therefore guaranteed throughout the product's life cycle.

Do antimicrobial surfaces require special cleaning products or special care?

No; however, antimicrobial surfaces do not replace thorough cleaning or adhering to hygiene plans. Rather, antimicrobial surfaces complement the regular hygiene measures by reliably reducing the germ contamination between the cleaning cycles or the disinfection of the area and preventing the formation of so-called biofilms.

All of Pfleiderer's health protection products with a classic antimicrobial surface as well as a microPLUS® finish can be cleaned and disinfected using standard agents. For more respective information, please refer to our cleaning recommendations and product information disinfectant stability.

More information about our antimicrobial surfaces

Get an overview over the properties of our health protection products and their areas of use. Learn more about Pfleiderer's antibacterial and antiviral surfaces and the two-level protection concept.

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