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Glamour meets everyday practicality! Our Duropal HPL sheets ensures that design, durability, hygiene, even fire protection, and easy care do not have to be a contradiction. Discover our high-quality high-pressure laminates (HPL) for interiors, so that you can implement your ideas with no compromises and no ifs or buts.

Your advantages with our Duropal HPL sheets

Diverse design options

Our HPL sheets are characterised above all by the design freedom. Offering design diversity, the wide choice of decors and surface structures of the high-pressure laminates (HPL) allowing you to implement your ideas precisely, uncompromisingly and with the highest quality.

Discover the range of our HPL decors:

  • Chromatic and neutral plain colours
  • Woods in different nuances
  • Stone and other material reproductions

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You would like to use a graphic pattern or your own motif for the interior fitting? To truly customise your individual project head to our Product Finder, under surface properties, select Individualisable designs and find the right HPL sheet for your project.

Also benefit from our through-dyed SolidColor laminates, to meet the highest aesthetic requirements, for example, in furniture making for racking, fronts or shelving.

Pfleiderer not only prioritises the visual aspects and qualities but also the tacitly and feel of its products. Discover the range of possibilities of our surface textures, which emphasise the decor and complete the overall impression. The surface textures for our high-pressure laminates (HPL) include:

  • deep matt
  • high gloss
  • wood grains
  • stone surfaces
  • sand and material surface textures

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Robust and durable

Our Duropal HPL sheets are ideal for areas of use in which elements are subject to heavy use. Durility, ease of cleaning and aesthetics have to coexist. The high-pressure laminates (HPL) is tested in accordance with EN 438 for interior use, for example, for worktops and work surfaces, kitchen units and doors, office furniture and frontals and can be used both horizontally and vertically. They are also used in interior fitting for

and other non-housing buildings. Our HPL sheets are not suitable for exterior or outdoor use. You will find boards for outdoors in the Exterior use category.

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Innovative materials offer new possibilities

As a manufacturer of HPL sheets with decades of experience, we at Pfleiderer continually develop numerous innovative product characteristics for particular requirements, in order to open up unique design and functional possibilities for you to use.

For example, our antibacterial and antiviral high-pressure laminates (HPL), Duropal microPLUS®. If you need particularly resistant, matt HPL sheets opt for the XTreme Matt or XTreme plus surface textures. Other solutions tailored to your needs are offered by our HPL magnet, HPL real metal, HPL ESA and HPL sheets in flame-retarding quality for building and ship fitting.

And the best thing is: We at Pfleiderer produce your HPL sheet with your choice of decor and motif by digital printing from a run of one.

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Numerous combinations thanks to our DST system

Duropal HPL is available in the Pfleiderer DST system. This means you can combine the same surface design and texture in a variety of products and substrates within the DST range. This ensures that the products of the Pfleiderer DST system

can be combined in the same decor and texture - for a coherent interior design across all trades.

Design your high-pressure laminate (HPL) individually, to your own wishes. 280 decors are available to you as well as the corresponding textured surfaces – from matt to high-gloss through to realistic wood pores or stone surface structures. Offering virtually limitless options for your project.

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Certified sustainability

Just how sustainable are HPL sheets is most obviously demonstrated by their certifications. Pfleiderer high-pressure laminates have all been awarded the “Blue Angel” eco label and are available with FSC or PEFC certification.

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Designing with HPL sheets – our references

Frequently asked questions on high-pressure laminates (HPL)

What is HPL?

HPL is the abbreviation for High Pressure Laminate. However, they are usually called HPL sheets or high-pressure laminates (HPL).

Laminate sheets are a very resistant, decorative surface material, used in combination with wood based core substrates for interior fitting and furniture, for example: worktops, tabletops and doors.

The European standard EN 438 defines the material and more than 20 product characteristics of high-pressure decorative compact laminates, as they are named in the standard.

What is Duropal HPL?

Duropal is the brand name of one of the first major manufacturers of high-pressure laminates (HPL). Particually the invention of scratch-resistant surfaces and new HPL formats allowed Duropal to become successful. Since 1986, Duropal has belonged to Pfleiderer, permitting further continued investment and development into the manufacture of the high-pressure laminates (HPL).

How is HPL processed further?

High-pressure laminates (HPL) primarily is always a surface material that has to be bonded to a core. Depending on the requirements, postforming allows the material to be overlayed around an edge and curved without joints. The result is a robust, easy to clean, moisture resistant surface. This not only protects the core material, but also opens up a large number of design possibilities through the colour and surface texture options, which can be implemented with HPL sheets.

What material is laminate sheet made of?

The decorative surface and material core of laminate boards are made up of multiple paper layers, which are impregnated with thermosetting resins. These are pressed together and cured in the manufacturing process at over 120 degrees Celsius and a high pressure of more than 50 bar. The resulting laminates form a unique surface material, which is not only decorative and individual, but is also particularly robust and tough. 

Where can I get HPL sheets?

As a company, you can contact Pfleiderer directly, as a manufacturer of HPL sheets made in Germany. Our sales department will be pleased to advise you. The contact details can be found at the end of this page. You can also use our Sample Shop to order individual physical samples quickly and easily. You can even check our stock and quick delivery range products for availability on the individual product pages.

How are the standard sizes of high-pressure laminates (HPL)?

Pfleiderer HPL sheets are available in different sizes. The total sheet thickness varies from 0.6 to 0.8 up to 1.2 millimetres. So you can choose the suitable robustness against exposure to impact and workability, for example, for postforming. Our standard dimensions are

  • 4100 x 1300 millimetres
  • 2800 x 2070 millimetres
  • 5600 x 2070 millimetres

Formats for extra-wide doors, such as those needed in the Health and Care sector, for example, are also available. For other options, please refer to the format tables on the relevent product pages. You can use HPL sheets in roll form (thin laminate) to overlay furniture fronts, doors and similar. Large format sheets allow you optimal utilisation, as you can adjust the cutting to size accordingly.

How sustainable are laminate sheets?

Around 60 percent of high-pressure laminates (HPL) consist of paper, which is solely manufactured from sustainable forest management. Pfleiderer HPL sheets also have multiple environmental and sustainability certificates. For example, the Blue Angel eco label verifies that it they are exeptionally environmentally-friendly products. The FSC as well as the PEFC quality stand for raw materials from responsible forest management.

Last but not least, the major advantage of high-pressure laminates (HPL) lies in their robustness and durability. The long service life spares valuable resources. At the end of their life, HPL sheets are thermally recycled and contribute to energy recovery.

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