Wear resistance in its most attractive form

Heat resistant, impact resistant, food safe and abrasion resistant – that’s what defines Pfleiderer Compact and Laminate benchtops. Discover a uniquely versatile and high-quality alternative to concrete and stone with us as a manufacturer and open up design freedom with Duropal benchtops without having to compromise on function and quality. Laminate and Compact benchtops – the convenient solution.

Show a clear edge with Duropal benchtops – our edge solutions at a glance

For different installation situations and design styles – both Duropal Compact benchtops or a particleboard core with HPL surface: Regardless of which style is sought, creative ideas gel into attractive results here.

Duropal Compact worktop


  • bevelled edges
  • homogeneous, through-dyed black, white or grey Compact high-pressure laminate
  • decorative melamine resin surface on both sides

HPL worktop Quadra


  • Post forming edge with three millimetre radius
  • Decorative side bonded with Duropal HPL
  • Underside with water-repellent backing
  • Back edge sealed with protective edge, also available as a version profiled on both sides

HPL worktop Cubix


  • Post forming edge with two millimetre radius
  • Decorative side bonded with Duropal HPL
  • Underside with water-repellent backing
  • Back edge sealed with protective edge, also available as a version profiled on both sides

HPL worktop PerForm


  • high-quality laser edge
  • Decorative side bonded with Duropal HPL
  • Underside with water-repellent backing
  • Back edge seal with protective edge, also available with Per Form edge on both sides

HPL worktop, square edged profile


  • cut, open edge
  • Decorative side bonded with Duropal HPL
  • Underside with water-repellent backing

Laminate benchtops – easy care meets aesthetic

With their HPL finish, Duropal benchtops offer impressive robustness and durability. Thanks to their hygienic, easy-care surface and the high-quality core materials they are a match for the highest standards, there functionality can extend beyond the kitchen environment. Edge solutions that look good and protect reliably are available to choose for different installation situations and design styles. Duropal benchtops are suitable for:

Fully on trend: Duropal Compact benchtops

Duropal Compact benchtops from Pfleiderer combine the highest quality with robustness and meet the latest trends in interior design They are made of solid, compact high-pressure laminate with a thickness of twelve millimetres and are resistant to impact as well as moisture and many other factors to which the material is exposed in daily use. The well-designed benchtops with understated thickness are therefore the perfect solution for modern, elegant kitchens and are not only visually a real alternative to natural stone.

Decors for benchtops in their own collections

The Duropal benchtop collections provide the ideal backdrop for every conceivable style, consistently and in brilliant quality. Here you will find not only the latest design trends but also timeless classics: a selection of plain colours, extremely realistic wood reproductions as well as fascinating material and stone reproductions. Matching surface texture combinations have been developed for every benchtop decor, which open up individual, confident stylish combinations for you to choose from. Discover the variety of the Pfleiderer Decors and order samples directly online in the Decor Finder.

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Visualise Duropal benchtops in the Room Designer

You want to know what your chosen worktop looks like in your room? No problem with the Pfleiderer Room Designer. Choose decors for benchtops, cabinet fronts and furniture and then play with the design in the overall concept to find your perfect combinations.

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Fascinating, yet also practical: Benchtops from the manufacturer for the highest standards

At Pfleiderer the latest surface trends also do not stop at benchtops: The XTreme surface is the best example of this. A fascinating visual and haptic effect, perfectly combined with unique technical properties – and even resistant to fingerprints and grease. Not only available for Compact and laminate benchtops, but also in comprehensive product diversity spanning all applications, nothing stands in the way of high-gloss and matt design concepts with maximum suitability for everyday use.

Health protection and hygiene are standard with Duropal benchtops

Hygiene plays a particular role in benchtops. Whether kitchens or other living spaces, in medical buildings or areas with high public traffic – health protection is an issue that begins with the surface finish. Pfleiderer assists you. Our standard surfaces have an antimicrobial effect. Alternatively, you can opt for Duropal benchtops with microPLUS® surface, which actively reduces viruses.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about HPL and Compact benchtops

What are the advantages of an HPL benchtop?

An HPL benchtop is made from robust HPL laminate and a core made of wood-based material (particleboard). The underside of the benchtop is protected with a water-repellent coating to protect it from moisture.

Post forming benchtops with slightly rounded front edge, the so-called postforming edge, have successfully proven their worth in practice. In these benchtops, the HPL overlay extends seamlessly from the work surface to the underside and protects the exposed benchtop edges. A straight edge look on the other hand is achieved with the Laminate benchtops with thick edges. These edges made of acrylic, wood or model ensure a modern overall look.

All Laminate benchtops from Pfleiderer are

  • available in a wide range of decors, making them easy to integrate into any interior design scheme
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • food safe
  • antimicrobial
  • solvent and disinfectant-resistant
  • resistant to water vapour, coffee, tea and red wine stains as well as the effects of temperature
  • easy to work with

In addition, you can also order our Laminate benchtops with an Anti-Fingerprint or a microPLUS® surface.

What are the advantages of a Compact benchtop?

A Compact benchtop consists of a solid, compact high-pressure laminate. With homogeneous black, grey or white dyed core and decorative surface on one side. The long edges of the Compact benchtops are cut and bevelled. The durable high-pressure laminate is water-repellent, self-supporting and non-corrosive across the whole cross-section, so that it does not require edge sealing.

All Compact benchtops are

  • perfectly suitable for room concepts thanks to their exclusive and modern design
  • easy to clean
  • food safe
  • antimicrobial
  • solvent and disinfectant-resistant
  • also suitable for wet cleaning
  • resistant to impacts, water vapour, coffee, tea and red wine stains, as well as the effects of temperature

In which formats are HPL and Compact benchtops available?

Benchtops are available in diverse formats, which ensure economical solutions and consistent design concepts.

We offer Compact benchtops with a standard thickness of 12 millimetres, in the formats 4100 x 640 millimetres and 4100 x 950 millimetres.

Duropal Laminate benchtops are usually ordered in a thickness of 38 millimetres. However, some benchtops are also available in a thinner version of 28 millimetres. The formats for Laminate benchtops vary depending on the benchtop. In general, six formats are available:

  • 4100 x 600 mm
  • 4100 x 900 mm
  • 4100 x 1200 mm
  • 5300 x 600 mm
  • 5300 x 900 mm
  • 5300 x 1200 mm

These wide-ranging options are therefore available beyond the classic areas of use such as kitchens, catering, shop fitting and the health sector.

How can Duropal benchtops be worked on?

Conventional woodworking machines are suitable for the further processing of HPL sheets. It is essential that all cut edges are sealed so that they are moisture resistant and follow the storage instructions. Further information is available on the product pages.

It is advisable to machine Compact boards with professional vertical spindle moulders or a horizontal beam saw, as hand-held tools are not designed for the material hardness. Detailed instructions can be found in our Use recommendation for Duropal Compact benchtops.

Where are Duropal benchtops produced?

Duropal benchtops are solely made in Germany, so you are not only buying quality, but also environmentally conscious benchtops from the manufacturer. Find out more information about our certificates and the value-added chain of our Laminate benchtops and Compact benchtops at Made in Germany.

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