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Friedl Holzbau GmbH
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More than just a prefabricated house

When people think of wooden houses, they may first imagine mountain panoramas and rustic geranium balconies. But modern timber-frame and wood-frame construction methods have brought sustainable living with wood into a new age.

For the timber construction company Friedl, a Holzwerthaus is much more than just a prefabricated house. "A Friedl Holzwerthaus is our answer to the question of how to make a prefabricated wooden house better." With these words, Richard Schinagl Jr. explains. Friedl Holzbau's innovative approach. The term "prefabricated house" often evokes associations of mass production and standardisation. Instead of typical solutions, the company focuses on customised, individually planned houses. The Holzwerthaus concept allows builders to actively influence the geometry and room layout, dependant on the project requirements.

"For us, this results in an intensive planning and consulting phase for each of the approximately 30 houses we implement each year." This approach reflects the values of quality and precision that both Friedl Holzbau and Pfleiderer share. The construction company maintains a close partnership with the manufacturer of high-quality and sustainable wood materials. A harmonious symbiosis of standardised construction elements and the individual wishes of the customers makes each house unique. Despite the high degree of individualisation, Friedl Holzbau also relies on show houses. These are not only used for viewing, but also for testing new technologies under real conditions. Just recently, the company built a new show house in Obersüßbach to demonstrate advances in energy supply and other areas. Among other things, air/water heat pumps, photovoltaics and innovative climate control ceilings are used here.

Wood as the most natural choice

Wood as a building material not only offers aesthetic qualities, but also meets the ecological requirements of modern construction. "Anyone who builds a house with us today attaches the greatest importance to ecology and healthy living. This works best with wood." These words from Richard Schinagl Jr. underscore the company's clear commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The decision in favor of wood as the main building material is logically the result of Friedl's clear demand for quality Wood construction: Wood best meets the strict requirements and also enables the company to differentiate itself in the market. In order to meet the ecological requirements, the company has therefore taken up the cause of constantly optimising the construction method. This is reflected in the development of their wall constructions, which are continuously designed to be more natural and healthy to live in.

With Pfleiderer as a partner

One example of this is the use of Pfleiderer's LivingBoard face contiprotect P5, which was also used in the new show house. This wood-based material is ideal for harsh conditions and impresses with its unsanded contiprotect surface, which delays moisture absorption. "For reasons of healthy living, we use LivingBoard from Pfleiderer for our Friedl Holzwerthaus." This statement from Richard Schinagl Jr. underscores the importance of high-quality materials that match Friedl Holzbau's high expectations. With certifications such as the Blue Angel, Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver and FSC certification, Pfleiderer meets these high requirements for environmental compatibility and sustainability.

This is also evident elsewhere: the cooperation with Pfleiderer is based on precisely these shared values and visions. The fiberboard StyleBoard MDF.RWH was also a conscious choice for the new show house. As a diffusion-open sarking board, it is suitable for use in the roof and wall. The high dimensional accuracy of the tongue and groove ensures an optimum fit and level, resulting in a flush installation.

The constant pursuit of perfection

The philosophy of Friedl Holzbau is reflected not only in the use of high-quality materials, but also in the constant search for perfection. "That is precisely the price of our self-imposed 'purity commandment'." Richard Schinagl Jr. emphasises the perfectionism found in every detail of Friedl Holzbau's homes, even where improvements are not visible at first glance: "That's just our attitude. We develop until we ourselves are completely satisfied." This dedication to excellence is also evident in the continuous improvement of wall structures, which are manufactured with the highest precision and assembled on the construction site, as well as in the introduction of innovative technologies. This combination creates a wall that is almost entirely made of wood and provides both thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Friedl Holzbau has managed to turn the vision of high-quality, individual and ecological living into reality and to perfect it in its wooden prefabricated houses. In implementing this philosophy, the selection of the right materials plays a decisive role. Pfleiderer's high-quality products reflect the shared values of quality, individuality and ecology. The Friedl Holzbau show house thus stands not only for a forward-looking living concept, but also for a pioneering partnership between two companies that are wholly committed to excellence.

An Experts Project by Richard Schinagl Jr.

„For reasons of healthy living, we use LivingBoard from Pfleiderer for our Friedl Holzwerthaus. “

Richard Schinagl Jr.

Civil Engineer & Managing Director

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