Fibreboards - Materials with extensive design potential

Wood-based medium- and high-density fibreboards are a popular choice for many good reasons, as they impress with numerous positive properties and are suitable for a wide range of uses. That is why Pfleiderer offers its HDF and MDF panels in a wide spectrum of varieties and formats that provide numerous sophisticated furniture making and interior design as well as construction solutions.

Discover our HDF and MDF panels

Pfleiderer's fibreboard range includes panel types and formats for all standard applications: black dyed, low swell or deep router quality, tongue and groove flooring as well as panels with optimised raw densities.

Optimum basis for designers and processors: Wood-based fibreboards

Anyone considering high- and medium-density fibreboards can justifiably expect high-quality engineered wood panels with impressive optimum workability and performance characteristics. Made from bonded wood fibres, the panels have particularly impressive properties:

  • Homogeneous, consistent density throughout
  • Excellent edge quality
  • Easy and flexible workability
  • Optimum advanced routing suitability
  • Smooth surface and precision finish

Pfleiderer's HDF and MDF panels can easily be lacquered, veneered, coated, foiled or wrapped. Furthermore, our fibreboards are eminently suitable for designing customised freehand shapes such as arches and logos – perfect for visually appealing and technically demanding solutions.

Creating something special – Typical areas of use for MDF and HDF

Their properties make fibreboards the ideal material for inspiring projects. They are used wherever sheet wood with a homogeneous consistent density and a precision finish is required.

We also offer special qualities for specific purposes. Whether used as a vapour permeable roof and wall underlayment, in humid rooms or in the construction of packaging, we have the right material to meet your needs.

Ecology and quality go hand in hand with Pfleiderer's fibreboards

Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, and Pfleiderer's MDF and HDF boards certainly also take this aspect into account. That is why our fibreboards are available with FSC as well as PEFC certification – so that you can rest assured that the raw materials used were sourced from responsibly run forestry businesses and sustainably managed forests. Furthermore, our medium-density fibreboards StyleBoard MDF plus bear the Nordic Swan eco-label.

More about our certifications

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FAQs – frequently asked questions about fibreboards

What are MDF panels?

MDF is an abbreviation and stands for "medium-density fibreboards". MDF panels are made from wood that has been broken down into individual fibres and mixed with glue and other additives. They have an extremely homogeneous consistency and density, which makes them very versatile. MDF panels can be used in a wide range of areas, such as furniture and decorative interior objects.

What is the difference between MDF and HDF boards?

Just like medium-density fibreboards (MDF), HDF panels (HDF=high-density fibreboards) are made from pressed and bonded wood fibres.

Pfleiderer offers high-density fibreboards with a panel thickness of up to 6 mm, and medium-density fibreboards with a thickness starting from 8 mm. The latter have an average density of approx. 600 to 800 kg/m3, whilst HDF panels have a particularly high density of over 800 kg/m³. In view to their thinness, HDF panels have a relatively higher stability and load-bearing capacity than MDF panels.

What sizes do the fibreboards made by the manufacturer Pfleiderer come in?

To provide economical trade, industrial and construction solutions, Pfleiderer offers sheet formats that are ideal for the respective area of use.

Depending on the version, high-density and medium-density fibreboards for furniture making and interior design elements are available in the standard sheet formats of

  • 2,655 x 2,100 mm
  • 2,800 x 2,100 mm
  • 5,310 x 2,100 mm

and with a panel thickness of 5, 6, 8, 10, 16, 18, 19 and 25 millimetres.

The fibreboards StyleBoard MDF.RWH, which are suitable for use as roof and wall underlayment, are available in the sheet sizes

  • 2,500 x 1,250 mm
  • 3,000 x 1,250 mm
  • 3,000 x 2,500 mm

and as all-round tongue and groove flooring in the sheet formats 2,510 x 635 millimetres and 2,510 x 1,260 millimetres.

Are fibreboards also available with decorative surface finishes?

Yes, as a manufacturer, Pfleiderer also offers HDF and MDF panels with decorative surfaces:

The products are available with a wide range of inspiring decors and surface textures. Furthermore, the decorative fibreboards can also be colour- and decor-matched with other products made by the manufacturer Pfleiderer, such as high pressure laminates, for example.



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