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Whether used as a core material for coatings or for use in the construction sector, we offer you the right wood-based panels for all requirements. Wood is the world's oldest building material, as well as the resource of the future: have a look at our wood-based panels and see for yourself how they balance all requirements with regard to sustainability, technology, design and affordability in a unique way.

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Pfleiderer wood-based panels – systematic versatility

Our product palette offers an extensive choice of uncoated materials for a wide range of uses: from general purpose panels to load-bearing, flame retardant, low emission or moisture resistant wood-based panels.



  • Raw particle board panels P2 – P7
  • Coarse particleboards P5 – P7
  • Lightweight particle boards
  • Tongue and groove flooring panels
  • Also available in a fire-retardant version

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  • Medium-density fibreboards (MDF)
  • High-density fibreboards (HDF)
  • Natural or dyed black
  • Also available in moisture resistant or vapour permeable versions

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Multi-layer panels


  • Wood-based sandwich panels for use in dry conditions
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Can be used in any direction (non-directional)

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Quality meets sustainability: Award-winning wood-based panels directly from the manufacturer

Wood-based panels made by Pfleiderer offer a consistent quality and sustainability you can rely on – to meet your customers' needs without compromise.


  • Many of our sheet wood materials have borne the "Blue Angel" eco-label for a number of years now.
  • A strict circular economy and the recycling of wood guarantee that no trees are felled specifically for our products, and that the CO₂ remains sequestered in the wood for a long time to come.
  • We are thinking recycling one step further and are having an increasing number of our products Cradle to Cradle® certified.
  • We guarantee a perfect product quality through closely monitored manufacturing methods and audits, as well as our environmental management system.

Pfleiderer's digital services - practical and solution-oriented

Transparently sustainable: engineered wood products directly from the manufacturer

You're looking for wood-based panels with specific sustainability characteristics and certifications? Quickly and easily find the right material for your project with our Eco Product Insights tool: simply define your emissions class, recycled wood content or certification requirements, and you'll be shown an overview of all relevant products in our portfolio.

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Digital planning – use of BIM data

Our digital services make your planning process more convenient. To make it easy for you to effortlessly integrate the suitable product into your plans, the BIM data of our wood-based panels are available online. Whether Archicad, AutoCAD, Revit or Ifc, simply select the required wood-based panel and benefit from the direct availability of the data.

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Creating spaces – our wood-based panel reference projects

FAQ – frequently asked questions about wood-based panels

What are wood-based panels?

Wood-based panels are innovative and eco-friendly wood-based products. These sheet materials are manufactured from pulped wood with the addition of binders. Their properties and structure generally depend on the type and variety of the raw materials used, and on the respective manufacturing process.

The most important wood-based panel types are:


Pfleiderer also calls its wood-based panels ‘raw panels’. These include all wood-based panels without a decorative coating.

What are the benefits of wood-based panels?

Wood has a long tradition as a construction material, as proven by the furniture and buildings from past times. However, as wood only has a limited dimensional stability and characteristics that make it directional, it is rather difficult to realise expansive, even surfaces with solid wood.

At the end of the 19th century, the first sheet wood materials were developed in order to overcome these disadvantages. Today's high-quality and modern engineered wood products offer a wide range of advantages:


  • Dimensionally stable and suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Standard material properties optimised for the respective use (e.g. flame retardant, moisture resistant or high load-bearing capacity)
  • Economical thanks to large sheet sizes
  • Easy to work with
  • Sustainable thanks to recycling of wood chips and previously used wood
  • Climate-friendly thanks to long-term carbon sequestration

Where are wood-based panels used?

Wood-based panels have got a firm place in furniture and interior design element making, both as a core and as a construction material. Their suitability for a wide range of uses and good workability are only two of the reasons why MDF and particleboards have become the most important engineered wood products, in quantity terms.

Wood-based panels are used in the construction area, for example for roof underlayment or load-bearing stud walls. Learn more about the various areas of use:


Wood-based panels are just as important when it comes to the construction of furniture and interior design elements. With engineered wood products from Pfleiderer, you can realise projects in all areas of life:


In which formats are wood-based panels available?

Pfleiderer's wood-based panels are available in a wide range of sizes: from large sheets to custom sizes and tongue and groove flooring panel formats. Depending on the panel type, they range from 8 to 50 millimetres in thickness.

Please refer to our product detail pages for a list of standard formats. Simply enter the sheet wood material you require into our product finder.

Are Pfleiderer's wood-based panels ecological and low emission?

In times of heightened ecological consciousness, an increasing number of projects also focus on sustainability. Especially in this area, Pfleiderer can make an essential contribution – its engineered wood products .

Wood-based panels can rightly be expected to be an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic material. At Pfleiderer, this already starts with the selection of raw materials:


  • When we use recycled wood – which many of our products contain – we only use grades A I and A II.
  • Our bonding agentsare also becoming increasingly greener: LivingBoard, for example, has already been bonded 100 percent formaldehyde-free for the past 40 years, and with OrganicGlue, we have developed a biogenic glueing system that considerably reduces the use of fossil resources.
  • All of Pfleiderer's engineered wood panels are also manufactured without the addition of preservatives, wood treatments and organic solvents .

Under the motto of "Wood is a natural product – so are our wood-based panels", we ensure that our products meet the highest standards when it comes to healthy living environments, and that their emissions are considerably lower than those demanded by law.

Have a look at our sustainable engineered wood products in the raw panel finder and select the criterion "particularly low emission" if you have to meet particularly strict emission requirements.

More information about Pfleiderer´s wood-based panels

Constructive solutions for sustainable building

Our wood-based panels are used in structural timber construction, among other things. Pfleiderer combines healthy living with high quality in construction. Discover our broad product range and further information in our brochure.

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