Trends with depth:

Successful surface texture, finish and core material combinations

Your home is something very special. It is therefore extremely important to us that everything matches and feels exactly as it should – perfect and inviting. Wood-based panels from Pfleiderer are the perfect choice, as they combine a sustainable core with trendy finishes and surface textures that are, for example, suitable for:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices and studies
  • Children's bedrooms
  • Teenage bedrooms
  • etc.

Cleverly designed down to the smallest detail:

Pfleiderer's highlights in the home & living area

Whether high gloss or extreme matt, with an anti-bacterial surface or with precisely the same finish on horizontal or vertical areas: with a number of cleverly designed special ranges, Pfleiderer ensures that home concepts can be realised without compromise. Thanks to the high quality of our products, they are not only beautiful, functional and low-maintenance but will also still look stunning even after years of intensive use!



Anyone who requires additional safety in interior fitouts and finishes, will find the solution in the antimicrobial effect of the microPLUS® surface. The fact is, bacteria, or rather microbes, are our constant companions. Whether at home, in the office, in public facilities, in the care sector or in hospitals: the initiators of infections pose an acute problem almost everywhere.

The product versions in which microPLUS® are available are as diverse as the possible uses: Depending on requirements, DecoBoard melamine-faced decorative chipboards, high-pressure laminates, compact boards, worktops, composite (flat-bonded) and front elements can be supplied with the antimicrobial surface. There is also a wide range of design choices - microPLUS® is available for DecoBoard in the DST Xpress collection and for HPL in the entire design collection. microPLUS® also excels in terms of the product and structural combination of HPL and DecoBoard, allowing the products to be combined in a variety of ways in many application areas of different projects.

Discover more information about microPLUS®.


Duropal XTreme

Decorative high pressure laminate in postforming quality based on EN 438-3:HGP/VGP, with robust, electron beam cured surface and sanded reverse. Duropal XTreme is an attractive supermatt surface material with an anti-fingerprint effect, which is one of the few products of its kind that is postformable.

Learn more about Duropal XTreme

PrimeBoard XTreme P2

Melamine resin faced chipboard with high-quality and innovative multi-layer coating made up of a permanently elastic functional layer and UV-curing acrylic coatings.

Learn more about PrimeBoard XTreme P2

PrimeBoard XTreme MDF black

Decorative, black through-dyed, medium-density fibreboard with high-quality and innovative multi-layer coating made up of a permanently elastic functional layer and UV-curing acrylic coatings.

Learn more about PrimeBoard XTreme MDF black

DecoBoard Individual Motiv P2

Urea resin bonded particleboard with individual digital print motifs in direct facing method, awarded with the Blue Angel. The front face is printed as required, the standard reverse is white.

Learn more about DecoBoard Individual Motiv P2

Duropal Element P3

Flat bonded element of a moisture-resistant particleboard construction, Type P3 to EN 312, faced on both sides with Duropal HPL.

Learn more about Duropal Element P3

Duropal Worktop Quadra, P2

Worktop with particleboard core type P2 to EN 312, surface bonded with highly resistant Duropal HPL to EN 438, underside sealed with water-repellent backing. The postforming front edge of the Quadra worktop has a radius of 3 mm, the rear edge is sealed with a protective edging strip. As a variant it is also available with profiled edges on both sides.

Learn more about Duropal Worktop Quadra, P2

Duropal Compact Worktop, black core

Compact high pressure laminate with single or double-sided machined longitudinal edge in standard quality according to EN 438-4:CGS for use as a worktop. With uniform black-coloured core, single-sided decorative melamine resin surface and decorative backing.

Learn more about Duropal Compact Worktop, black core

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