Pulling Together

Since our corporate image as a company in public is shaped by the appearance, actions and behaviour of each individual, all employees are committed to adhering to our Business Conduct Guidelines. These are laid down there: We always act in accordance with the law (principle of legality) and with our internal rules and principles.

The Pfleiderer Compliance System is based on the three levels of prevention, recognition and reaction. It does not form a rigid framework, but is continuously adapted to the current conditions of the business world and legal requirements:


  • Tone from the top, exemplified corporate mission statement
  • Compliance risk management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training and communication
  • Advice and support
  • Integration into HR processes​​​​​​


  • Internal notification system
  • Compliance control
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance audits
  • Systematic investigation


  • Implementation and follow-up
  • Penalties for misconduct
  • Case management


Our Business Conduct Guidelines help us to implement our values in our daily work, also with regard to sustainability. It is therefore essential that all employees of the Pfleiderer Group know and understand the Business Conduct Guidelines in order to be able to act accordingly.


Dr. Mani Herold

CFO and Chief Compliance Officer

Identifying and Eliminating

Compliance Violations

It is important to us that at Pfleiderer everything is always above board. Because we feel jointly responsible for people and the environment. Because we want to avoid damage and protect the interests of our stakeholders. Because we value being a fair partner. Nevertheless, irregularities and injustices are never absent anywhere. That is why we have set up a web-based, confidential whistleblower system to counter compliance violations as early and effectively as possible.

Quality Management

Through Audits

Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH provides for regular internal site audits to ensure adherence to the compliance agreements. These also include special compliance audits and are carried out by the head of quality management on behalf of the respective site management. The basis for such compliance audits are notes and recommendations resulting from external and internal reviews. Within the framework of a compliance audit, a QM representative carries out site inspections.

„Sustainable corporate success is always a matter of give and take. Not only between management, employees and suppliers, but also with the communities in which we operate. We are well aware of our social responsibility and are constantly committed to helping people and nature with a wide range of activities“

Dr. Frank Hermann

Chief Operating Officer Pfleiderer Group


Path of Development

Pfleiderer's face is shaped by the diversity of personalities, cultural backgrounds, talents, competencies, and skills of our employees. Each path is distinctive and unique – and should be.

While some people in the Pfleiderer team aspire to a career as a manager and want to take over personnel responsibility, others feel comfortable dedicating themselves entirely to their special field and continuously expanding their expertise there. The majority of employees value Pfleiderer as a reliable employer that is aware of its responsibility, that promotes the compatibility of family and career, but also offers individuals very personal development opportunities.

For us, sustainability also means creating scope for long-term, individual professional development. The long years of employment of many of our employees is the best confirmation for us that we are right with this attitude.

Jochen Schapka

Head of Personnel

Because sustainability at Pfleiderer is also based on the philosophy of creating the necessary freedom for people to develop their personal strengths. Pfleiderer promotes employees with a wide range of perspectives – both for experienced specialists and managers as well as for the next generation of specialists from schools, colleges and universities: Thanks to a permeable career system, all employees are not only offered interesting and challenging entry opportunities, but also very individual options for shaping their professional career path.

Social Responsibility

At Pfleiderer we are convinced that the idea of sustainability can only be effective if it involves all areas of life – including the complex dynamics of social processes in which our company is involved.

Pfleiderer sees its commitment to sustainability as a holistic task. On the one hand, this includes responsibility for nature and the environment, which we want to fulfil by giving preference to natural, renewable raw materials and by using ecologically compatible production and recycling processes. On the other hand, our efforts are also directed towards the well-being of our employees and the people who live and work in the immediate area of our sites. We therefore invest specifically in health promotion and are involved in various social projects at our sites.

Personnel Development with a Sure Instinct

For Pfleiderer, sustainability in human resources is a dynamic process between management and employees. It also has a positive influence on aspects such as loyalty and identification with the company. However, performance and further development are values that do not only count in business. Every person must be allowed to pursue achievable goals in his or her life, celebrate successes and gain self-esteem and motivation to "move on". This is essential for physical and mental health. An individually coordinated personnel development programme based on dialogue is therefore a crucial component of our human resources work and is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. We promote and challenge the particular strengths of our employees. After all, they should be given the opportunity to develop their talents freely and effectively. For individual qualification and further development, we offer a wide range of training courses and workshops on a variety of topics – from the forklift driver's licence to office training and English courses. In addition, managers can also take advantage of tailor-made development programmes to help them shape their careers.

For us, sustainability arises from give and take: Pfleiderer employees have access to a wide range of training and development opportunities. Qualified, satisfied, and motivated employees in turn give Pfleiderer a sustainability advantage. This is how we secure valuable corporate know-how and professional competence.

Jörg Arends

Head of HR Excellence


The principle of appreciation in our corporate guidelines implies that we promote and support employees according to their personal interests, strengths and skills. For this reason, we create the framework within which our employees can develop professionally at various levels. There is no prefabricated career plan at Pfleiderer. Individual progress is our priority. Whether professional or personal – we draw up completely individual development plans for employees and the needs of the company. In addition to the opportunity to bring special knowledge and expertise into the company, we offer options to expand these and pursue a professional career in our network – for example ...

  • in a variety of tasks and projects
  • dedicated teams and interesting junior research groups
  • demand-oriented training and further education to become master craftsmen, technicians, or specialists.

Joining Pfleiderer

Employees should feel firmly integrated into the Pfleiderer company from the very first moment. After all, they are entitled to an employer who takes their needs seriously and does not leave them alone with their questions, concerns and needs. We therefore support "newcomers" at Pfleiderer in the initial phase with an individual, structured initial training plan.

Promotion of the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

If required, we set up a challenging trainee programme – this offers students and graduates interesting opportunities to gain practical experience in the professional world in addition to internships and study projects.

In addition, we support individual qualification measures, for example by accompanying students through their studies, training as a business administrator or other training.

We regularly offer teambuilding measures, such as the introductory weekend for our new trainees.

Motivation as a Medium

of Sustainable HR Policy

Outstanding achievements and innovations are best created in highly qualified teams that are perfectly synchronised with each other. Not at least for this reason, Pfleiderer relies on a wide range of measures for sustainable human resources development.

At Pfleiderer, we are convinced that motivation and further development are important components of our success. Employees at all levels are therefore given a wide range of opportunities to try out new things according to their abilities, skills, and aptitudes and to individually shape their own career path.

Pfleiderer is also committed to its responsibility to society as a whole, which does not stop at national borders. Every year, we offer people with a refugee background the opportunity to gain a professional foothold in Germany in our company – either through a regular training contract or within the framework of project work.

People need Prospects

Motivation arises from the opportunity to sound out and constantly develop one's own abilities, to explore new terrain and to gradually broaden one's own horizon with small and large successes. Standstill and lack of perspective, on the other hand, tend to lead to frustration and "inner resignation" in the long run. Many successful personnel development measures show that we offer an environment in which one can feel comfortable. This is how we succeed in not having to "throw teams together", but to let them "grow together" organically.

Management Trainees

The "Meisterschmiede" aims to identify and develop the personal strengths of managers in the technical field and to consolidate their management skills. Employees are prepared in special management training courses ("From Employee to Manager") to take over personnel responsibility. Needs-oriented development measures such as coaching, training or structured feedback support managers in tailor-made individual cases in pursuing their optimal personal career path within the Pfleiderer Group.

Extra-Occupational Support

  • Employees have the opportunity to take part in English language courses online and in-house.
  • If required, we conduct individual coaching sessions for employees on various topics.
  • Sales Excellence Training: From October 2018 to October 2019 we held a sales training with 95 participants in ten groups in German, Polish, English, and French


Employees actively participate in shaping Pfleiderer's corporate culture. They are invited to contribute their own suggestions for improving internal processes. The KNIFF programme set up for this purpose enables individuals or groups to submit ideas that bring cost savings, economic benefits, quality improvements, optimisation of work processes, occupational health and safety or environmental protection.

A jury evaluates the proposals received and awards prizes to the best entries. The total savings potential that Pfleiderer was able to realise through KNIFF contributions was around 280,000 Euros in 2019. However, models such as KNIFF are not only of direct economic significance for Pfleiderer. They also strengthen the employees' long-term identification with "their" company.

Fit by Pfleiderer

At the individual locations, employees can expect a comprehensive range of health and fitness offers – usually in cooperation with local facilities. The possibilities range from reduced rates in fitness studios and swimming pools to company fitness, running and massage at the workplace.

Family-Friendly Company

Family and work must be compatible for a sustainable employment relationship. Pfleiderer therefore supports its employees to the best of its ability with childcare during working hours and during school holidays or on certain public holidays.

Safety at Work

One Safety

"Our people are our greatest asset." At Pfleiderer, this is not just an empty phrase, but also means: to protect our employees, we do all we can to reduce the number of industrial accidents in our company to zero. The core of these measures is our ONE Safety concept for safety at work.

Rules, monitoring, protective measures and measures "from above" alone cannot constitute a sustainable corporate strategy characterised by respect and appreciation for employees. At Pfleiderer, we therefore rely on a corporate culture that gives the individual a great deal of personal freedom and responsibility. This approach also characterises our ONE Safety concept for work safety.

Over the past ten years, the area of safety at work has developed well within the company. The number of accidents has fallen, many standards have been improved and risks minimised. Nevertheless, accidents still occur – something that Pfleiderer is not willing to accept. For this reason, managers at the various management levels receive psychological and pedagogical training in workshops in order to firmly anchor the topic of safety at work in everyday corporate life and to raise employees' awareness of the importance of safety-oriented action. Starting from top management, the idea of safety is thus to be carried into all departments of the company.


The Pfleiderer Safety Principles

  • WE want ZERO accidents.
  • WE are always a good example.
  • WE take a close look at safety at work.
  • WE always work safely.
  • WE treat employees of external companies like our own staff.

We expect our employees to act in accordance with these principles and demand that all colleagues comply with these principles.

Culture of Trust is Culture of Security

In order to win over all employees to the topic of safety at work, communication takes place at eye level: "The whole concept only works within a culture of trust," explains Gradislav Gligorijevic. "It must not be about blame, and no one must be punished. Superiors must react gratefully to indications of potential sources of danger and then initiate preventive measures – this is where the tact and sensitivity learned from psychological and pedagogical training comes into play.

„We want to achieve a change in the safety culture at all Pfleiderer sites. In doing so, we are completely turning the way of thinking and dealing with the topic of safety at work upside down, moving away from a reactive approach to an active approach to all aspects of safety at work.“

Gradislav Gligorijevic

Head of Health & Safety


The "Five minutes for safety" were introduced at all sites and in all areas. During the daily meetings, superiors take five minutes each with their employees to talk about a current safety topic. This is intended to ensure continuous communication and to sharpen awareness of safety at work – with the aim of making this topic second nature.

Social, Cultural and Sporting


The days when companies and brands could shine by their economic success alone are long gone. Pfleiderer has always taken a different path: The name Pfleiderer stands not only for sustainable and high-quality wood processing, but also for social commitment with passion.

As a company, we would be unthinkable without the people at our sites. Together with them, we contribute to the economic performance of the regions. It is a fruitful interaction. But we always strive to have a positive impact at our locations far beyond the economic aspect.

Job Opportunities for Young People

As an employer, we offer prospects for young professionals on site:

  • Career Checker: The programme is aimed at pupils in the 8th and 9th grades. Over three days, the young people can get to know the training world of industrial mechanics, machine and plant operators and electronic technicians and gain their first practical experience.
  • Girls' Day: Girls aged between 13 and 16 years are given the opportunity to get a taste of technical training occupations such as industrial mechanic or electronics technician for industrial engineering.

Apprentices Go Out

Pfleiderer trainees play an important role as company ambassadors in the region right from the start. Some selected examples of our activities:

  • Supporting activities aimed at getting young people interested in mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology and crafts.
  • In recent years, Pfleiderer trainees have regularly taken part in the regional competition of Jugend forscht in Neumarkt and have distinguished themselves through excellent performance.
  • Social Day: Trainees visit nursing homes, day-care centres, schools, animal shelters and other social institutions in order to get to know and help with the daily work routine there.
  • Annual organisation of activities with our trainees to support life assistance projects.

Social commitment is a matter of course for us. We often help quietly where we are needed. Publicity is not what matters to us. What is more important to us is the solidarity with the people at our locations.

Sandra Modest

Human Resources Manager Gütersloh


Pfleiderer For the Region

Pfleiderer is committed to local social, sports and cultural projects in a targeted and selective manner as well as for regional sports clubs at the respective locations.

  • Pfleiderer assumes school sponsorships in the region.
  • Annual organisation of a Christmas bazaar for the benefit of local social institutions.

Plant and Company Fire Brigade

At all locations, Pfleiderer maintains its own plant or company fire brigades or self-help groups to support local professional fire brigades in the event of fire or catastrophe on the plant premises

The beginnings of the Gütersloh plant fire brigade date back to 1935: when a major fire broke out at the then main plant in Holzstraße in 1936, the "in-house fire brigade" WIRUS was mentioned for the first time in public documents. Following a major fire at the Gütersloh chipboard plant, the company began to set up its own fire brigade in 1994, which is now seeking official recognition as a company fire brigade.

The Neumarkt, Arnsberg and Leutkirch sites also have their own excellently trained and well-equipped company fire brigades.

In Baruth, an in-house self-help group "Fire" was organised, which is recruited from employees in maintenance and production. Here they pushed ahead with the installation of automatic extinguishing systems and brought fire protection, alarm, locking and extinguishing equipment up to the latest technical standards.

Wide Range of Tasks

The tasks of the plant and company fire brigades are as wide-ranging as the training opportunities. They include preventive and defensive fire protection, environmental protection and general assistance in the event of accidents and emergencies in the company. They also contribute to internal fire protection and first aid training. Together with the fire protection officers, they carry out fire prevention inspections and support other preventive fire protection measures.

Up to Date

Since 2019, the Gütersloh company fire brigade, in cooperation with the local professional fire brigade and with the support of the Gütersloh district fire brigade association, has been striving for official recognition under the BHKG NRW and has launched a comprehensive investment and training programme to this end. As part of this programme, the Gütersloh team invested in new personal protective equipment, digital radio alarm receivers and other fire-fighting aids.

The Leutkirch plant fire brigade, which consists of 33 firemen and one firewoman, has excellent technical equipment and particularly benefits from the fact that many of its members are also active in local volunteer fire brigades. With their special know-how, the comrades are able to conduct radiotelephony, respiratory protection and fall protection courses themselves.

The company fire brigade of Pfleiderer Arnsberg GmbH was officially recognised as a company fire brigade by a decision of the Arnsberg city council in May 2019. The approval as company fire brigade was preceded by an inspection of the company fire brigade with regard to equipment, vehicles and qualification of the personnel.

At the Neumarkt site, one woman and 38 men in the company fire brigade, which was founded in 1935, now take care of fire protection on the widely diversified and continuously growing company grounds in three fire-fighting and two breathing protection groups.

In addition to about 20 exercises per year, the firefighters also carry out training courses for the employees in the initial fire fighting of fires. The 18 part-time fire brigade members of the Gütersloh plant fire brigade and the Arnsberg plant fire brigade each have one emergency vehicle and extensive special equipment at their disposal to perform various tasks in the field of fire and environmental protection and to provide technical assistance

In the event of damage, the public fire brigade benefits from the fact that the company's emergency services know the locations and processes in the plant and can thus provide helpful support.

Thomas Duhme

Head of the Arnsberg fire brigade


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