Easy-care, robust, perfect for horizontal use

Duropal XTreme Touch boasts numberous product advantages, some of which you may already be aware of from our FunXTional Products ranges: 

  • Reflective arm provided with anti-fingerprint effect
  • Designed for vertical and horizontal application
  • Improved cleaning properties compared to classic matt textures
  • Even grease stains can be easily removed
  • Extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant

For the warm, velvety-soft feel,  there is a choice between two textures with XTreme Touch: the Volcano stone surface and the Rustic Wood texture. In terms of decors, Pfleiderer presents diversity: all plain and printed decors are also available for XTreme Touch, with the exception of full-surface mother-of-pearl decors. This means there are no limits to creativity - as a worktop, table, furniture front, contract furniture or even as a door, Duropal XTreme Touch will arouse enthusiasm thanks to its haptic effects. The postforming capability of HPL, which makes it possible to create worktop profiles, which is another advantage for processors in joinery or industry.

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Duropal XTreme Touch at a glance

Sensational appearance, fascinating haptics and a robustness suitable for everyday use that is unparalleled.
Duropal XTreme Touch combines the anti-fingerprint surface XTreme Matt with natural stone or wood decors for vertical and horizontal applications.

  • Supermatt surface texture
  • Natural wood and stone texture
  • Suitable for horizontal applications
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Excellent chemical and cleaning resistance
  • Practical anti-fingerprint effect
  • Free of nanoparticles
  • Full choice of decor collection (excluding mother-of-pearl and real metal decors)
  • FSC® (License Code: FSC® C011773) certification or PEFC (License Code: PEFC/04-32-0828). Certification available on request.


New product development, already awarded twice!

The fact that the specialists for wood-based materials have developed a very impressive product with Duropal XTreme Touch has already been confirmed twice, as the new surface immediately received two design awards.

  • "Winner" at the German Innovation Award 2022
  • Red Dot Design Award 2022 in the category Product Design

"With our new product, we are creating a completely new haptic experience that is also a sensation visually," says Michael Schiebe. "This has been recognised by the juries and we are delighted with the two awards. Furthermore, it was important to us that Duropal XTreme Touch also fits into our sustainability strategy. We made sure of that too: the material contains no nanoparticles and is already certified with the Blue Angel."

An experience for the senses

With Duropal XTreme Touch, Pfleiderer has succeeded in combining two trend themes for the first time: While on the one hand the demand for matt surfaces with a high utility value is increasing, natural textures are also in demand at the same time. Duropal XTreme Touch is the first high-pressure laminate to combine these two properties in one product.

"Surfaces shape our perception with their visual and haptic effects," says Michael Schiebe, Sales Manager Trade and Contract Core West at Pfleiderer. "They make materials tangible and touch the senses. That's why we're very proud of our new product, which actually makes it possible for the first time to experience natural-looking stone and wood textures in supermatt finishes for vertical and horizontal applications."

FunXTionality thought through to the end

The unique XTreme surfaces

Our innovative XTreme products inspire with their noble appearance, a warm, velvety feel and with tangible anti-fingerprint effect*.

* PrimeBord XTreme High Gloss (XG); without anti-fingerprint effect, with mirror finish

Shaping a future worth living

Responsibility for tomorrow, begins today

At Pfleiderer, we want to do full justice to the environmentally conscious "green" material wood. That is why we have been offering an extensive range of low-emission and environmentally friendly products for many years. Sustainability - ecological, social and economic - as well as the careful use of natural resources are unshakeable pillars of our company philosophy.

Through the multi-stage use of wood (so-called cascade use), wood recycling and the use of thinning and industrial waste wood for high-quality materials with a long service life, Pfleiderer conserves valuable resources and actively contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, air, water and soil pollution as well as to the reduction of energy consumption. We control the wood mix individually for each product in order to achieve the perfect balance between quality requirements and resource conservation.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

If you have any questions about XTreme Touch or other Pfleiderer products, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to help you!

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