High-pressure laminate plus core board: simply ready to use from the factory

HPL bonded boards provide the right material composition for every requirement, hardwearing, top-quality laminates, both sides covered on all kinds of different core materials. Infinitely diverse with uncompromisingly quality. – So that with Duropal Elements you can implement your project, exactly how you need.

Advantages with our HPL bonded boards

More than superficial style: Core boards for your HPL bonded board

With our HPL bonded boards, special cases are the standard: The range extends from particleboards – including low swelling or flame resistant – to multi-layered boards through to black through-dyed MDF. Discover sustainable materials with high-quality properties:



HPL coatings – robust surfaces with added value

Perfectly suitable for equipping aesthetically pleasing interior fittings with a tangible added value, HPL bonded boards offer a wide range of different surface qualities. Whether with innovative properties or unique design – at Pfleiderer, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.


Brilliant and expressive: HPL bonded boards in design diversity

Coherent interior fitting creates a positive overall impression – our HPL bonded boards are therefore not only available with fascinating surface textures, but also with unique decor diversity. From colourful and neutral plain shades, creative patterns and high-quality wood, stone or material reproductions, your project is only limited by your imagination.

You can also have HPL bonded boards produced completely to your own wishes with individual digital print motifs. And from a run of one.

Draw on the unlimited possibilities and implement aesthetic, robust design concepts suitable for daily use.

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HPL bonded boards – the right material composition for every application

From the high-quality individual item through to cross-trade concepts – Duropal Elements open up aesthetic, functional and economical prospects.  Duropal HPL brings together the best of everything: highly decorative, hard-wearing, high-quality and hygienic surfaces – ready to use from the factory combined with our best core materials. Uncompromisingly good for all areas with high use:


Integrate the BIM data of our HPL bonded boards directly in your design tool.

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Design sustainable living spaces

Our goal is to produce high-quality wood-based materials, that are not only top quality but also environmentally compatible and healthy. With our laminate bonded boards you can draw on a sustainable range of products – and implement customers’ wishes uncompromisingly.

Laminate bonded boards in the DST system – the best for your ideas

Duropal Elements are available in the Pfleiderer DST system. This ensures that everything fits together: with stylish decors and a welcoming feel. Combine our HPL bonded boards with the same decor and texture as all other Pfleiderer products in the DST system – simply perfect for consistent, cross-trade and high-quality interior design.


More about the Pfleiderer DST system

Duropal Elements in use – our case studies

FAQ – frequently asked questions on HPL bonded boards

What is an HPL bonded board?

HPL bonded boards consist of two main components: The central core material plus the high-pressure laminate (HPL) overlay. The decorative overlay is glued to one or both sides of the substrate. A suitable backing can also be used if necessary. PVAc or PU adhesives are mainly used for bonding.

In this way, high-quality, decorative and nonetheless robust boards with selected properties result. And what’s more the large size boards minimise cutting waste and have another positive aspect: they are already finished for the final machining – cutting to size and edging.

Which cores can be ordered as HPL bonded board?

Non self-supporting laminates are always used in combination with core materials. For use in furniture and interior finishes, these are generally wood-based materials, which are easy to use.

The Pfleiderer product range offers ready to use overlaid HPL bonded boards with the following cores:


  • MDF boards with homogeneous structure
  • Black through-dyed MDF
  • Flame resistant MDF boards
  • Particleboards:  Type P2, P3, P5
  • Flame resistant particleboards
  • Particleboards in ESD quality
  • Veneer and multiplex boards

By the way: Depending on the application case, metallic or mineral substrates can also be used for HPL bonded boards.

What are the properties of Duropal Elements?

Duropal Elements offer the perfect symbiosis of high-quality surfaces and diverse substrate qualities. Thanks to their outstanding performance as well as their diverse decorative design options they are not only used for furniture, fittings and wall coverings.

Whether fire protection, moisture or scratch resistance, the properties of the HPL bonded boards are also not only influenced by the product structure but also the HPL, the core and the adhesive system.

Developed for use in practice, the robust Duropal Elements offer real added value:


How do I find the right HPL bonded board?

Pfleiderer helps you with the selection, design and implementation of projects supported with a range of tools, the Digital services.

The most direct way to find the material you need is to use the Pfleiderer Product FinderWith many filter options, you'll find the perfect product in just a few steps. You can then use the information on the product detail pages immediately and request bonded boards directly from your stockist. Or take a look at the BIM data and integrate them directly into your design tools.

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