The effort has paid off

Looking back, you soon realise that this success was not a given right from the start. Seven years ago, our market shares in the French trade were still relatively marginal, and Pfleiderer played only a minor role. Until then, Pfleiderer had focused more on the industrial segments, so around that time, it was decided to review the trade strategy and to breathe new life into it, with marketing, tenders, customer liaison and logistics the linchpins. The fact that Pfleiderer has now been voted France's best wood-based material supplier is the result of our wide-ranging efforts!

Our current market position and the accolade this has led to are something very special for our company. This achievement is down to our French sales team as well as all of our specialist departments at the production sites and on the business management side, as not only our local sales teams but also the product management, marketing, production, logistics and our sustainability team, along with numerous other departments, cooperate for all export markets, including France. 

We are proud of this accolade and would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone involved for their contribution and efforts.

Pfleiderer talks to Mr Nicolas Guerzider, Head of Sales France

Pfleiderer: Mr Guerzider, would you please briefly introduce yourself and explain what your job at Pfleiderer involves?

Nicolas Guerzider: Of course! My name is Nicolas Guerzider, and I'm the head of Pfleiderer's site in France. I have worked for German industrial companies throughout my entire career; I spent eighteen years of it in the area of the production and distribution of construction, interior design and furniture making products for the French-speaking market. I have managed Pfleiderer's French site for the past almost eight years.

Pfleiderer: Nebopan, a leading group of French independent specialists operating in the wood and wood products sector, has voted Pfleiderer the "best wood-based material supplier 2023". What makes this accolade so special?

Nicolas Guerzider: This accolade is of major importance for our company. Nebopan is a national network of medium-sized and major specialist companies in the professional wood and wood products trade. The accolade of "best supplier" is our reward for the many years of intensive cooperation and close ties with Nebopan, an organisation with exceptionally high standards.

Pfleiderer: In your opinion, as the French market head of sales, what are the qualities that make you such a good supplier?

Nicolas Guerzider: Listening, the ability to react quickly and liaising with our partners. We are always willing to address their challenges and to support them. Our success is closely linked to theirs, and this mutual trust is our strength.

Pfleiderer: What makes Pfleiderer France's "best wood-based panel supplier 2023"? Which factors led to this accolade?

Nicolas Guerzider: Several factors explain why we were chosen. Pfleiderer offers the most extensive product portfolio on the market, from the production of chipboard to decorative panels and MDF, HDF, coated and HPL laminate panels. The quality of our products, our constant innovativeness and our commitment to ensuring a reliable supply are reasons that played a role in this decision. Our experienced teams are also capable of reacting flexibly to the changing requirements of our partners.

Pfleiderer: What role does the topic of sustainability play in this context?

Nicolas Guerzider: Sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) are at the centre of everything our company does. Strictly speaking, our company strategy and our sustainability strategy are directly linked to each other. This influences and governs all of our business activities with regard to taking responsibility for the environment, sustainable procurement, eco-friendly products and ethical business practices. We have committed ourselves to the mitigation of our environmental impact, to the sustainable procurement of wood and to the marketing of eco-friendly products, and also encourage high ethical standards in our business relationships. The topic of sustainability is firmly embedded in our company management approach and our processes, and hence a decisive success factor. We are therefore proud of the fact that we are such a naturally sustainable company.

Pfleiderer: Mr Guerzider, thank you for talking to us!

Nicolas Guerzider: Thank you!